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The Ninth Huangshan International Tourism & Hui Culture Festival - Huangshan - Huangshan Tour - Huangshan CITS
The 9th Mount Huangshan International Tourism & Hui Culture Festival opened on November 5 and will last untill 15 in Huangshan city, Anhui Province.

During the festival, a series of activities will be held, including tours to Mount Huangshan and traditional cultural performances. Besides gorgeous scenes, tourists will enjoy Huangmei opera, folk-custom shows, lantern shows, Chinese Tea Festival and other enchanting activities.

Aimed at promoting rich tourist resources of Anhui province, the tourism festival was jointly organized by National Tourism Bureau and Anhui Provincial People's Government.

The tourist industry is now a pillar industry and a valuable new source of income for Anhui province. Every year, scenic spots, historic and cultural sites in the province attract a great many visitors from home and abroad.

Century Square of Huangshan City National and Provincial Officials Local Honor Guard Art Performance with Red Silk

Celebrating the Festival

Lovely Chinese Little Girls

Dances by Foreign Artists

Mayor of Huangshan City

Provincial Governor of Anhui Province

Presidium of the Festival

Representative from the World Toursim Organization


Drum Performance at the Ceremony

Joyful Dancing

Folklore Opera

Performance by Grandma

"Mountain People" Performance

School Kids at the Ceremony

Local Lantern Performance

Dragon Dance

Drum Playing

Exciting Audience

Festival Atmosphere

Dancing with Bamboo Drum

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