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Tipping in China

Is tipping a common practice in China?
Yes, tipping for tour guides and drivers in recognition of their good service has become a common practice. Hotel bellboys and house keepers expect your tips as well. It is not customary to leave tips at hotel or local restaurants as the bill usually includes service charge. It is not necessary to tip taxi drivers, although you might let them keep small change. In Hong Kong taxi drivers charge you HK$5 for each piece of baggage they handle.

Does the quotation you offer include tipping?
The quotation we offer does not include tipping because tipping is a personal matter.

Do you have suggestion on tipping in China?
Travelling in small party of 2 to 5 members:
5 US$ to 10 US$ per adult guest per day as a tip for your tour guide;
3 US$ to 8 US$ to your driver
2 US$ for hotel bellboys

Please feel free to tip according to the performance of the guide and driver. Tour guide and driver will know your feedback regarding their job.

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