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On-travel Tips

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Tips to Remove Tiredness

Stretch shoulder: cross your fingers and rise up with palm upward, stretch you body backward ten times slowly, then quicken.

Stretch chest: bend you arms, put arms in front of chest vertically, lower your head, then extend arms parallelly and backward, raise head and stick out chest at the same time, do it 10 times.

Stretch body: put one hand on waist, raise other hand up, turn upper body aside, stretch hand forcibly upward 5 times, each time last for 1~2 seconds, then other side.

Stretch waist and abdomen: hold head in hands, bend you body, then stretch upper body backward, do you best to keep body straight, do it slowly 5 times, each time last for 3~4 seconds. Stretch legs: lay knee against chest, then stretch both legs at one time and on tiptoe for 10 times, each time last for 1~2 seconds.

Do hetitleh care exercise: The exercise is fit for doing on bus, boat, and plane. Ten fingertips press each other. The left hand make a fist, the right hand hold tightly the left hand wrist, push forth forcibly with palm downward. Then turn two hands' role.
Two hands collude and draw each other for 5 seconds.
Two hands hold fist tightly.
Hold you breath for 5 seconds.
Set your teeth.
Open your mouth widely and shout silently.
Grip your lips.
Hold chin with two fist, and chin press downward forcibly.
Raise face with right hand, lean face against right hand forcibly, then left hand's turn.
Hold the upper head with two hands, and then head exerts all strength to stretch forth, while hands push it backward.
Lean against chair; push your right part of brain forth with crossing hands, while your body and brain press toward right. Then brain's left part turn and do it repeatedly.

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