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On-travel Tips

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Tips to keep health

Carry complete hetitleh information with you on your trip

Insurance Company's name and address.
Trip Insurance contact information.
Contact person in case of emergency.
Blood type.
A copy of your eyeglass prescription.
A list of current medications with their generic names, brand names can vary in foreign countries.
A list of allergies, including any known food or drug allergies.
A list of immunizations with their dates.
A basic description of your past and present medical condition, including past hospitalizations and any current problems.

Protect yourself from cold

The weather is very changeable in spring and autumn. Don't take off too many clothes and take umbrella with you in spring. The temperature of daytime and night is much different in autumn, make sure you have enough clothes; especially when you are overage, your immunity and disease resistant ability become weakened. Don't stay out in the wind for a long time.

Stay in comfortable, quiet room

To sleep soundly for at least 6~8 hours every day, as poor sleep would make you tired, weak and even sick.

Pay attention to food hygiene

To prevent constipation, you'd better take light foods, vegetable and fruit, Your digestion slows down without enough activity, don't eat too much when you are traveling by train, plane or boat, otherwise your stomach will be over-burden. Don't drink water directly from the fountain, pool and river. Have your meals in the hotel restaurant where you stay as much possible as you can. If you eat out, you'd better choose a good and clean restaurant. Don't make yourself too tired: Travel according to your capability, don't go beyond what you can. Try your best to keep normal routine. Stick with bottled or boiled water and carbonated soft drinks. In the most remote areas, brush your teeth with bottled water and keep your mouth shut when you are in the shower, even an accidental spray can get you sick. Be careful what you eat and drink. Avoid raw foods, as they can also be a good way to get sick.

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