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Sanya Travel Guide

Sanya, a coastal tourism city with the tropical scenery, is like a pearl dotted about the green jade, Hainan Island.

Sanya is located at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island on Lat. It belongs to the typical oceanic tropical monsoon climate. Its annual average temperature is 25. 4 centigrade. In July, the hottest month, its average temperature is 28 centigrade and in January, the coldest one, 21 centigrade. It is always called "WINTER PALACE. "

Sanya has five kinds of treasure, sea, sand, air, green and sunshine. The sea is fade-like, the sand rouge-like, the bay rainbow-like and the sight picturesque, which makes sanya win such a fame as "a place better than Hawaii though not Hawaii. "

Sanya has s long history. There are famous places of scenic beauty and historical interest such as the ying wan pagoda built in the first year of the Qing Dynasty(1851), the word "" (Longevity) on a monument which was written by the Empress Dowager Ci Xi, the Remotest Corner of the Earth and the Cape of the sea where the sky can't be told from the sea in color, the Turn- round Deer with a myth on Love affair, Da donghai(sea) and xiao donghai(sea), fine places for swimming in winter, Ya long Bay and Sanya Bay with fame of "Hawaii in the east", the major and minor Caves with a wonder of the sea and mountains, the pen-dropping Cave, on the top of which a fairy pen is being hung high, the Eastern Island and the western Island like two turtles floating on the waves, in addition, the silent coconut gardens, the customs of the Li, Miao and Hui nationalities.

Sanya is rich in the resources of the sea and the topical plant Treasured seafood such as "Sanya Three Delicacies (sea cucumber, shark's fin and abalone), sea- snakes and jelly fish can be served. Tropical fruits like Lychee, gui yuan, pineapple, Jack-fruit, mongo and bananas can be tasted.

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