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China Tour Maps

A map is surely of great importance to travelling in a foreign country. Thus, we provide here a large collection of high quality tour maps covering China's provinces, cities, major scenic sites, famous mountains, rivers and lakes, and more are to be uploaded! Many of these maps are unique since they were done by us. If you need a map which is not included in our map collection, please send us email at We'll try our best to get one for you, even if it will have to be made by ourselves.

China Maps
Map of China Map of China in Asia China Railway Map Map of China Highways China Topography Map
Map of Qinghai-Tibet Railway Map of Silk Road Map of China High Speed Rail Map of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Rail Map of PDL Network in China

Beijing Shanghai Tianjin Chongqing  

Provinces and Autonomous Regions
Anhui Fujian Gansu Guangdong Guangxi
Guizhou Hainan Hebei Heilongjiang Henan
Hubei Hunan Inner Mongolia Jiangsu Jiangxi
Jilin Liaoning Ningxia Qinghai Shaanxi
Shandong Shanxi Sichuan Taiwan Tibet
Xinjiang Yunnan Zhejiang Hongkong Macau

Major Cities
Anshun Map Baotou Map Beihai Map Beijing Map Changchun Map
Changsha Map Changzhou Map Chengdu Map Chongqing Map Dalian Map
Datong Map Fuzhou Map Guangzhou Map Guilin Map Guiyang Map
Haikou Map Hangzhou Map Harbin Map Hefei Map Hengyang Map
Hohhot Map Hongkong Map Ji'nan Map Kaifeng Map Kaili Map
Kunming Map Lanzhou Map Lhasa Map Luoyang Map Macau Map
Nanchang Map Nanjing Map Nanning Map Ningbo Map Qiandongnan Map
Qingdao Map Qinhuangdao Map Sanya Map Shanghai Map Shaoxing Map
Shenyang Map Shenzhen Map Shijiazhuang Map Southeast Guizhou Map Suzhou Map
Taipei Map Taiyuan Map Tianjin Map Urumqi Map Wuhan Map
Wuxi Map Xiamen Map Xi'an Map Xianyang Map Xining Map
Yangzhou Map Yichang Map Yinchuan Map Yixian Map Yueyang Map
Zhengzhou Map Zhenjiang Map Zhuhai Map    

Major Scenic Sites
Beidaihe Map Beihai Park Map Big Bell Temple Map Big Wild Goose Pagoda Map Canglang Pavilion Map
Chengde Map Dadonghai Resort Map Dali Map Daming Temple Map Dazu Map
Du Fu Thatched Cottage Map Dujiangyan Map Dunhuang Map Earth Buildings Map Eastern Qing Tombs Map
Famen Temple Map Fengdu Map Fenghuang Map Forbidden City Map Fragrant Hills Park Map
Giant Panda Breeding Base Map Grand View Garden Map Great Wall Maps Gyantse Map Hongcun Map
Huanglong Map Huangyaguan Great Wall Map Huaqing Pool Map Humble Adminstrator's Garden Map Jiayuguan Map
Jingdezhen Map Jiuzhaigou Map Kashgar Map Korla Map Kuqa Map
Leshan Map Lijiang Map Lingering Garden Map Lingyin Temple Map Lion Forest Garden Map
Longmen Grottoes Map Longsheng Map Lop Nur Map Map of Master of Nets Garden Ming Tombs Map
Mogaoku Map Nanxun Map Penglai Pavilion Map Pingyao Map Qianling Tomb Map
Qufu Map Rongjiang Map Shennongjia Map Shigatse Map Shuhe Old Town Map
South Putuo Temple Map Steles Forest Map Stone Forest Map Summer Palace Map Temple of Heaven Map
Terracotta Warriors Map The Bund Map Tian'anmen Square Map Tiger Leaping Gorge Map Tongli Map
Tsedang Map Turpan Map Western Qing Tombs Map Wolong Map Wuhou Temple Map
Wuyuan Map Wuzhen Map Wuzhizhou Islet Map Xi'an Attractions Map Xidi Map
Xishuangbanna Map Xitang Map Ya'an Attractions Map Yading Map Yalong Bay Map
Yangshuo Map Yellow Crane Tower Ma Yesanpo Map Yonghe Lamasery Map Yungang Grottoes Map
Yuyuan Garden Map Zhangjiajie Map Zhongdian Map Zhouzhuang Map Zhaoxing Dong Villages Map
Zhujiajiao Map Potala Palace Map Nanjing Road Map Daocheng Map Huangguoshu Waterfall Map
Jinci Temple Map Huangdi Mausoleum Map Dragon Palace Map Changping Gully Map Haizi Gully Map
Xikou Map Songpan Map      

Famous Mountains
Flaming Mountain Map Four Girls Mountains Map Hailuogou Map Huangshan Trekking Map Mt. Cangyan Map
Mt. Changbai Map Mt. Emei Map Mt. Everest Map Mt. Fanjing Map Mt. Gongga Map
Mt. Guanzhi Map Mt. Hengshan Map Mt. Hengshan (North) Map Mt. Huangshan Map Mt. Huashan Map
Mt. Jigong Map Mt. Jinyun Map Mt. Jiuding Map Mt. Jiuhua Map Mt. Jizu Map
Mt. Kailash Map Mt. Kongtong Map Mt. Langya Map Mt. Laoshan Map Mt. Lishan Map
Mt. Longhushan Map Mt. Lushan Map Mt. Maiji Map Mt. Mianshan Map Mt. Moganshan Map
Mt. Namjagbarwa Map Mt. Panshan Map Mt. Putuo Map Mt. Qianfo Map Mt. Qianshan Map
Mt. Qingcheng Map Mt. Qingyuan Map Mt. Qiyun Map Mt. Sanqingshan Map Mt. Songshan Map
Mt. Taimu Map Mt. Taishan Map Mt. Tianmu Map Mt. Tiantai (Sichuan) Map Mt. Tiantai (Zhejiang) Map
Mt. Tianzhu Map Mt. Xumi Grottoes Map Mt. Wudang Map Mt. Wutai Map Mt. Wuyishan Map
Mt. Yandang Map Mt. Yuntai Map Purple Mountain Map Xiling Snow Mountain Map Yulong Snow Mountain Map

Major Rivers
Map of Grand Canal Map of Jinsha River Map of Hanjiang River Map of Heilong River Map of Huaihe River
Map of Lancang River Map of Liaohe River Map of Lijiang River Map of Minjiang River Map of Nenjiang River
Map of Nujiang River Map of Songhua River Map of Tarim River Map of Three Gorges Map of Weihe River
Map of Wusuli River Map of Xin'an River Natural Gallery Map of Xin'an - Fuchun River Map of Xiangjiang River Map of Yalong River
Map of Yalu River Map of Yangtze River Map of Yarlung Zangbo River Map of Yellow Rive Map of Zhujiang River

Main Lakes
Map of Bosten Lake Map of Chaohu Lake Map of Daming Lake Map of Dianchi Lake Map of Dianshan Lake
Map of Dongqian Lake Map of Dongting Lake Map of Erhai Lake Map of Fuxian Lake Map of Heavenly Lake
Map of Hongfeng Lake Map of Hongze Lake Map of Hulun Nur Map of Jingpo Lake Map of Kanas Lake
Map of Lugu Lake Map of Mochou Lake Map of Namtso Lake Map of Poyang Lake Map of Qiandaohu Lake
Map of Qinghai Lake Map of Sayram Lake Map of Siling Co Map of Slender West Lake Map of Songhua Lake
Map of Taihu Lake Map of Taiping Lake Map of Weishan Lake Map of West Lake Map of Wudalianchi
Map of Xinghu Lake Map of Xingkai Lake Map of Xuanwu Lake Map of Yamdrok Lake  

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