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Tianjin Travel Guide

To the east of Tianjin is the Bohai Sea and not far to the west is Beijing. It covers an area of 11,300 square kilometers and there are 13 districts and five counties under its jurisdiction. The total population is 9.52 million.

Tianjin is one of the four municipal cities under the jurisdiction of the Chinese central government and is the largest industrial and port in north China.

Tianjin became a city centered on trade with docks and land transportation and important coastal defenses during the Ming and Qing dynasties. After the end of the Second Opium War in 1860, Tianjin became a trading port and nine countries, one after the other, established concessions in the city. Historical changes in past 600 years have made Tianjin an unique city with a mixture of ancient and modem in both Chinese and Western styles. After China implemented its reforms and open policies, Tianjin became one of the first coastal cities to open to the outside world. Since then it has developed rapidly and become a bright pearl by the Bohai Sea.

Tianjin has a variety of places to interest tourists. In the city itself is the the beautiful Haihe River area, Tianjin Broadcasting and Television Tower, the wellknown Ancient Cultural Street, Food Street, the Memorial Hall of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao, the Memorial Hall of the Beiping (Beijing)-Tianjin Campaign, Tianjin Science and Technology Museum and the Museums of Nature, History, Art, Opera and Folk Customs. In Tanggu there is the Seaside Villa famous for its thermal springs and the world renowned Dagu Fort. In Jixian County there is the Huangya Pass of the Great Wall, a section famous for its wonderful scenery. Jixian County also contains the state tourist area of Panshan Mountain and Dule Monastery. In Xiqing District, on the city's outskirts, there is Shi house, the former home and tomb of Huo Yuanjia, the well-known patriot and first ancestor of martial arts.

Tianjin is well situated for travel by land, sea or air and has become an international tourist destination and a base in north China for chartered tourist planes. For travelers interested in commerce, study or tours centered on such things as preventative medicine or folk customs Tianjin has many advantages.

It now only takes one hour to travel by car from Tianjin to Beijing on the new Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway, a golden tourist corridor.

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