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Nanning Travel Guide

Known as Gui for short, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China borders on Viet Nam in the southwest and faces the Beibu Bay in the south. Located in the Guangxi Basin, the autonomous region is surrounded by mountains on all sides, with Mao'er Mountain being the highest. Guangxi is one of China's provinces and autonomous regions with the widest and most typical spread of the karst landform. Half of its 230,000-square-kilometer area is covered with limestone. Guangxi features 12 ethnic groups, including the Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, and Dong, and a population of 44.38 million. Nanning is the capital city.

Guangxi is endowed by nature with unique, colorful tourist resources. The karst topography that extends all over the region is known for green hills, clear waters, exotic caves, and beautiful rocks. The picturesque scenery of Guilin in particular is referred to as the finest under heaven. The landscape along the Beibu Bay with the Silvery Beach in Beihai -- the No. 1 beach in China -- boats of an azure blue sea, fine, silvery white sand, and genial sunshine. It is the best holiday resort.

Guangxi also features simple, unsophisticated customs with a strong ethnic flavor and unique scenes along the Sino-Vietnamese border. All these make the autonomous region an ideal place for people to particpate in tour, such as drifting on the river, attending conferences, riding a bicycle, exploring the forests, learning the local custums and habits, and recuperating. At present, Guangxi offers seven tourist routes: spending holidays, learning the ethnic customs and habits, admiring the ancient culture, visiting the Sino-Vietnamese border area, crossing the Sino-Vietnamese border tour, exploring the forests, and touring towns and villages where the people have a longer life span.

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