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Guangzhou Travel Guide

Guangzhou has a few beautiful and legendary nick names, Huacheng (the Flower City), Yangcheng (the Goat City) and Suicheng (the Rice-ear City).

Guangzhou is a civilized ancient city. It is 2,100 years old, the same ages as the world-renowned ancient cultural city Rome of Italy. A modern city in China, Guangzhou is the political, economic, educational, cultural as well as scientific and technological center in South China. Being a big city, Guangzhou totals 7475 square kilometerswith a population of some 6.66 million. It is also a well-known hometown of the overseas Chinese. About 500,000 countrymen from here are residing in some 90 countries and regions abroad.

Guangzhou is situated in the south of China with the Baiyun Hill in the north and the Zhujiang (the Pearl River) Delta Plain in front, Three rivers, the Dongjiang, Xijiang and Beijiang converge here. The Zhujiang passes through the city. With rivers and mountains, its geological location is very advantageous. Vegetation is evergreen and flowers bloom all the year round thanks to a moist subtropical climate. There are more than 150 famed scenes and sights in Guangzhou, and a good variety of modern facilities for recreation and entertainment.  Map of Zhujiang River

The history of 2,200 years has left behind many places of historic interest and scenic beauty. They are vivid witness of past brilliance of Guangzhou. As early as in the 9th century B.C, together with the Chu people on the middle reaches of the Yangtse River, people there built Chuting, then they established Nanhai Prefecture in the Qin Dynasty, and Nanyue Kingdom in the Western Han Dynasty. Guangzhou is the starting point of the Silk Road on the Sea which links China with the Arabian and Western countries in trading. Before the Qing Dynasty, Guangzhou was China's only foreign trade port at sea. She has the longest history among the international trade port cities in the world. Silk, porcelain and tea are the three main foreign trade commodities in Guangzhou in ancient times.

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