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My Huangshan Photo Album: Top Eight Lucky Images

by Confucius - last update: Jul 5, 2003

How to photograph Huangshan

Mountains? check. Trees? check. Clouds? check.

The weather is constantly changing right before your eyes, yet for long periods it seems like the clouds are never going to dissipate. Taking photos at Huangshan is fun and frustrating. That's why it's so important to bring a digital camera. You can not hesitate when taking photos. You don't want to be thinking to yourself; how many photos do I have left on this roll? If you are lucky and the sun and blue sky magically appear then run to the nearest viewpoint and take photos, even if means backtracking to some place where you already took pictures but with cloudy conditions.


Monkey Watching The Sea at Huangshan

Monkey Watching The Sea (Houzi Guan Hai)

This is one of the famous viewpoints near Beihai, where people gather to watch the sunrise.
The legendary "monkey" is the small rock formation protruding at the top center of my photo.

Use your own imagination and have fun

The Chinese like to give names to peculiar rock formations and even to trees that have distinct shapes.
Aside from "Monkey Watching The Sea" there is also "18 Arhats" and "The Stone That Flew Out Of Nowhere" as well as "Snail Coming Out Of Its Shell"
There is no official Chinese name for the rock formation in my photo, I found it off the beaten path. "A Big Nose" was the first one that came to my mind but I'm sure there could be one or two other titillating names.

Is it a famous nose or do you see something else??
A huge Huangshan bonsai

Huge Huangshan Bonsai Showing Off

If trees could talk I think this beautiful bonsai could actually be speaking to Japanese tourists: "See how tall we get if you would just stop trimming us every day!"

Huangshan is located in Anhui province

Anhui provincial officials thank God, Allah, and Buddha every day that Huangshan is located within their borders. It's very close to Zhejiang and most tourists spend a couple days on the mountain and then head for Jiangsu, Zhejiang, or Shanghai. A few remain in Anhui to see the UNESCO villages but most are in a hurry to go to the next big item on the itinerary so the rest of the province does not experience much tourism.

Another good photo of Huangshan in Anhui province
This Huangshan image looks like it's from a dream

Are you dreaming?

Is this place real?

Like a scene from a Chinese traditional painting

Classical Chinese paintings always make man and manmade features among the smallest parts of the picture. Nature, as in real life, dominates.

Huangshan's artistic inspirations
Huangshan has a lock on people's hearts and minds

A Happy Romantic Ending

You will leave Huangshan with many beautiful images forever locked in your mind.

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