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Huang Shan Mountaun National Park

by FreeCloud - Oct 17, 2002

Part 1

The Huang Shan Mountain (aka 'Yellow mountain',or 'Huangshan') National Park can be reached easily from Shanghai (by air, or bus, I need to check if any train goes there later). More details will be added gradually.

Huangshan, now under UNESCO World Culture/Natural Heritage List, is located in the south An Hui province, about 40 kms long (south-north) and 30 kms wide (east-west). Its best scenic area is about 154 sq.kms.

Huangshai has spectacular landscape with its four unique scenes: interesting shaped rocks, waterfalls, unique shaped pine trees growing out of rocks, and its sea of clouds. Compare to other five famous mountain areas in China that each has its own unique scene, Chinese say 'There is no need to go to any other mountains after seeing these five, but after Huangshan, none of the five'. Huangshan has all the characters these five have, the steepness, the grace, the elegance, and so on. Its ever changing scenes attracts tourists in all seasons and inspired countless Chinese ancient poets for thousands of years.

Touring in Huangshan area, you can also visit some small villages nearby where the traditional architecture (Ming or Qing styles) especially the local unique Hui style houses, relatively well preserved. The fine carvings used in Hui architecture are famous, being the materials stones, bricks, wood, etc.

We flew from Beijing to Tun Xi airport (the closest to the park), then took a taxi to a hotel a few miles away from the park. We booked the Bei Hai hotel on top of the mountain but the local people said since there were thunderstorms the cable ride was closed and there was no way we could hike to the hotel with the time given on that day. So instead, the hotel taxi took us to the Emerald Valley and the Nine-Dragon Waterfall for the afternoon.

Part 2

Next morning, we took a taxi to the park all the way to the Yun Gu Cable station (Yun=cloud, gu=valley). (We started our trip from the back of the touring area hiking to the front while other go reversely. It is all up to you.)

There were two type of fares then: RMB 50/one-way ride per person, but have to wait for 2-3 hours in the queue even in May when it was not the peak season; or RMB 65 for foreigners or dignities. However, just because you look like a foreigner and/or are willing to pay the extra cost for a higher fare, you are NOT automatically granted with it. You have to walk to its office nearby and negotiate with the officers there. Only with their approval, can you then go back to the ticket window to purchase your higher fare ticket. Then life would be easier: you do not have to wait in the queue, instead, you go to a VIP waiting room and get onto the next ride. Together with us, there were young PLA soldiers and a Taiwan housewife tour group. I thought the PLA soldiers should climb up to the top for a good training session. The Yun Gu cableway uses a cable car of 40-people capacity. Stand next to the window (front preferable) to have a marvelous view.

The end stop is the White Goose (Bai E Ling) station, from where you can hike to the 'Just Believe Peak?(the title photo), the Refresh Terrace, Bei Hai (north sea area), then the Bright Summit, the Jade Screen Peak/Hotel, stay over one night, then Celestial Capital Peak. Finally we took the Jade Screen Cableway down to the Mercy Temple Station, then stay over night at the Huangshan Hot Spring hotel at the hot spring area where many hotels located.

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