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Travel In Huangshan

Day 4

Woke up at 6 and had our breakfast in a box. Had our breakfast on the bus as we got a plane to catch this morning to Nanjing. Everyone was given a can of coke as our beverage. Who will drink such frizzy drink in the morning? We reached the airport around 7 I think did the check in stuff and went through the customs. We simply have to push our way through the customs. Got on the plane. We were served drinks and some small snack. Touched down in Nanjing at 12. Found our tour-guide a guy. Nanjing has nothing much as matter of fact. We went for lunch and proceed to Huangshan City. The road was rocky and I was woken up 7 times. By the time we reached Huangshan City, it was 7 plus going on to 8. We meet another guide of ours, a female guide for our trip in Yellow Mountain. We put our luggage in the room and went for dinner. We spent our night at Huangshan City bottom. Well, washed up and I again Channel-surf for English MTV and read my book by ending my day.

Day 5

7 were the wake up time for us. This morning, we were going to HuangShan (Yellow) Mountain. Had our breakfast and we slowly walk up to the Gondola (cable car) Station to take the Gondola.
The ride was around 10 plus minutes or so. We reached the Yellow Mountain. We started walking our way to the hotel we were staying which is Lion Forest Hotel a brand new hotel in Yellow Mountain. Yellow Mountain stands valiantly in the north of Huangshan City. The highest peak is over 1,800 m above sea level with a scenic area of 154 sq. metres. There are over 70 famous peaks; among these are three major peaks of Lotus Flower, Brightness Summit and Celestial Capital. Rare pines, grotesque rocks, seas of clouds and hot springs have been widely acclaimed the 'Four Wonders Under heaven". Seasonal landscapes like Sunrise Splendour and Buddha-Halo are blazing with colours and constantly changeable. The Jade Screen Tower, Lion Forest, The Beginning-To-Believe Peak, the West Sea, the Flower Showering Valley and the Pine Valley are six highlights of the scenic area. On our way up to the hotel, we saw lots of coolies taking rubbish, luggage and food on their shoulder and believe it or not, they have to walk up to Yellow Mountain by foot which takes about 3 hours or more and we can see that their shoulders are bruised. The tour guide told us they are paid very low. Once we reached the hotel, we went to check in and most of them left for a quick tour of Yellow Mountain except me, my aunty and my grand aunt were simply too tried. We stayed in the hotel lobby to rest. The rest went for a quick tour about half an hour and had our 1st lunch on top of Yellow Mountain. My uncle said rice is very precious as the coolies had to carry the rice up. After lunch we went back to our rooms and rest. Around 3 plus, most of us went for a whole tour around Yellow Mountain except my aunt, cousin, grandaunt stayed in their room. We choose the Eastern Steps, as it is much short and not as tough as the Western Steps. We saw much beautiful scenery. We ended our tour at 6 plus. Went back to the hotel for a quick rest and had our dinner. As our rooms are below, in order to reach the dining place, we have to walk up to the dining place. While waiting for our seats, we were standing outside the dining place as the place directly face outside and the temperature at night was freezing cool although it is June only. But thanks to my grandaunt, she lent me her thick jacket to me. While having dinner, the only way to keep my body warm is by drinking hot soup. After dinner, we went to take a look at the video taken for the day. The female guide told all of us that if we want to catch the daybreak and sunrise, we are to wake up at 4 am. Thus after watching the video, all of us went back to our room and rest for the day in order to catch the daybreak and sunrise.

Day 6

4 am were the wake up time for us. As the temperature outside is very cold, we got our jackets on. We set out to watch the daybreak and sunrise. The sun rise around 5. Indeed, it was magnificent scenery, which I would never ever forget about it. Lots of people took picture. After the sun set in the sky, everyone went back to the hotel for breakfast. After breakfast, went back to our room and check out the hotel. We had to climb the stairs in order to reach the Gondola (cable car) Station. All of us were panting like hell by the time we reached the Gondola (cable car) station. We took the Gondola and got on our bus. We proceed to a shopping place in Anhui Province. Got down to use the bathroom and walked around for a while and head back on the bus to read my book and somehow I fell asleep. When I woke up an hour later, no one was on the bus except me and my cousin JY. I went down again to use the bathroom again. Finally the bus left and headed to the place we are having for lunch. I got a big shock of my life as the place we are having lunch was very run-down, my whole family was so scared what the food is going to like? The food was not bad. My uncle said the hotel was a no star hotel, which I totally agreed. We left for our next destination, which is Yaolin Fairyland. We reached Yaolin Fairyland around 4 plus. Yaolin Cave. With an area of 40,000 sq. metres and a depth of 1,000 metres, Yaolin Cave consisted of 4 scenic sections. A dazzling variety of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars and stone screens form a world of sculptural works. When we went into the cave, the temperature was very cooling. We finished visiting the cave around 5 plus. The guy guide told us that yesterday night, a Taiwanese tourist happened to have heart attack on Yellow Mountain. They had to rush him to the Gondola (Cable car) Station and luckily the emergency team were at the bottom of the mountain while they reached. But thank god, the Taiwanese tourist is fine. We proceed on to HangZhou. By the time we reached HangZhou, it was 8. We meet our HangZhou tour guide and we had our dinner, which enable us to see West Lake. We ended our day by checking in to the hotel we were staying. It's a great hotel lot of facilities.

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