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The Huizhou Style Potted Landscapes

The potted landscapes are used to using various kinds of flowers, trees, and rocky of miniature trees. Passing through the skilled workers, made artist processing, and modifying the natural elegant demeanor and graceful bearings, they become the lively arts. People always praise the potted landscapes as "the no sound poems and the stereoscopic paintings".

To the potted landscapes, naturally, people might think of the Maihuayucun Village (selling the flowers and fishing village) in Shexian County. This is a potted landscape expert village, and it is one of the few wood stake production bases supporting the potted landscapes in the whole country.

According to the Hongs Generation Record, in the Qianfu 6th year, Shizong of Tang Dynasty, the fourth generation of the Hongs, named Hong Bixin, was fond of books and good at composing and singing. He had planted the plum trees in front of his house, and composed a hundred poems for it and enjoyed himself very much. Therefore, in other wards there is about over one-thousand-year history of planting the flowers.

From the People's Great Hall of Beijing to the Guangzhou Export Trade Fair of Goods, from Wuhan Changjiang River's Large Bridge to the Outer Bank Park of Shanghai, there are lots of the rare flowers and woods cultivated meticulously by the skilled flower peasants from the Maihuayucun Village which, as beautiful as a flower's name, is well known far and wide for its production of the miniature bonzai and potted landscape.

The potted landscapes are usually divided into two parts; the one is the stake potted-landscape, and the other is the mountain and rockery potted landscape. It received influences of the different areas' art styles, weathers, and the seeds of the trees, so it formed different styles. The mainly of them are the Yang's, Sichuan's, Shanghai's, Shexian's, of which Maihuayucun is the representative.

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