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How To Get To Huangshan

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How to Get to Huangshan from Changsha

Means of transportation from Changsha, capital of Hunan Province, to Huangshan includes:

1) There are 2 flights each week from Changsha to Huangshan and vice versa  (see Fight Timetable).

2) There is no direct train from Changsha to Huangshan, but there are many options for you to change to another train en route before getting to Huangshan. The follwing suggestion, we think, is the most reasonable one and it saves you much time waiting for the next train.

Changsha - Yingtan - Huangshan Regular Trains Timetable
Train No. Destination Name of Station and Arrival Time


Changsha zhuzhou Xingyu Yingtan Jinhua Zhuji Hangzhou Shanghai
10:36 11:10 12:51 14:37 17:08 17:56 18:37 20:13


Nanchang Yingtan Jingdezhen Huangshan Jixi Wuhu Nanjing Yangzhou
15:02 17:11 19:54 23:55 00:53 04:09 06:25 08:25

First class soft seat of the bullet train from Changshan to Yingtan costs RMB177 while the second class is RMB147. Hard sleeper from Yingtan to Huangshan costs RMB104.5 (lower berth) while soft sleeper costs RMB152.5 (lower berth).

3) You can also take flight from Changsha to Hangzhou, and then take bus from Hangzhou to Tunxi (see: How to Get to Huangshan from Hangzhou). Or you can take flight from Changsha to Shanghai before taking flight from Shanghai to Tunxi (see: How to Get to Huangshan from Shanghai).

4) Another option is to take flight from Changsha to Hefei first. Here is information on How to Get to Huangshan from Hefei.

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