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Bus Stop in Tangkou & Timetable (Departure)

Well. It is a little bit complicate issue and there are a lot of confusions. Tangkou is a small town about one hour drive from Tunxi and half hour drive to the foothill of Huangshan mountains. Tangkou Bus Stop did exist beside Huangshan Southern Gate before 2007. In 2006, Xin Guo Xian (National Express) Bus Stop was set up which, at the very beginning, only handled shuttle buses running within Huangshan Scenic Area, i.e., from Tangkou to the foothill of either western steps or eastern steps (See also: Huangshan Map).

In the next year, Xin Guo Xian Bus Stop merged with Tangkou Bus Stop. Therefore, Xin Guo Xian Bus Stop (no more Tangkou Bus Stop) now handles not only shuttle buses to the foothill of Huangshan mountains, but also limited public buses from Tangkou to other places like Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc. Visitors are required to get off bus exclusively in Tangkou, no matter from where you come, and change to shuttle bus to get to Huangshan entrance. Compared with Huangshan Bus Station located in Tunxi which sees much more public buses to different destinations across China each day, the bus stop in Tangkou is, no doubt, a small one.

The following is Timetable of Xin Guo Xian Bus Stop which is subject to changes in high or low season:

To Departure Price (RMB)


Departure Price (RMB)
Anqing 06:25 70 Jingde 12:40 22
13:30 Qiandaohu Lake 06:20 80
Hangzhou 06:40 100 13:00 (every other day)
06:50 Shexian County 12:20 21
07:40 90 Yixian 08:00 15
14:15 100 10:00
15:30 13:40
16:30 16:00
17:10 Xinchang 07:20 125
Hefei 06:20 91 Ningbo 07:20 (every other day) 145
07:20 Suzhou 06:10 240
08:20 09:50
10:10 (every other day) Wuhan 08:40 225
13:20 17:30 235
14:20 Lu'an 09:20 100
16:30 Tongling 13:20 40
Jiuhuashan 06:30 47 Wuhu 07:20 58
14:20 13:30 55
Jiujiang 08:00 139 Shanghai 06:30 148
Nanjing 06:40 93 07:20
13:50 13:30
16:40 15:30
Wenzhou 10:30 180 17:00
Yiwu 14:30 120 Taihu 16:30 95
Northern Gate
16:00 35      
Huainan 13:50 111      

Buses from Tangkou to Shanghai will terminate at Shanghai South Bus Station while buses to Hangzhou will terminate at Hangzhou West Bus Station. Buses to Hefei will terminate at Hefei East Bus Station and buses to Nanjing will terminate at Nanjing Central Bus Station.

Inquiry of Tangkou Bus Stop: (0086) 559-5572610

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