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Huangshan Transportation

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Highways and Distance

In the past 5 years, infrastructure here in Huangshan has been significantly improved. There are now quite a few highways connecting Huangshan with other cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hefei, Jingdezhen and Wuhan, making access to Huangshan much easier, faster and comfortable. Besides a Long Distance Bus Station in the downtown (Tunxi), there is another bus station in Tangkou near Huangshan Scenic Area, and there are tens of runs every day and even more in the peak travel season.

Distance From Tunxi to Major Scenic Sites Within Huangshan City
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From To Distance From To Distance From To Distance
Tunxi Mt. Huangshan 100km Tunxi Taiping Lake 150km Tunxi Hongcun Village 85km
Tunxi Qiandaohu Lake 60km Tunxi Shexian 30km Tunxi Xidi Village 80km
Tunxi Tangyue Archways 30km Tunxi Jadeite Valley 120km Tunxi Nanping Village 80km
Tunxi Mt. Qiyun 33km Tunxi Tangmo Village 30km Tunxi Pingshan Village 65km
Shendu Mt. Huangshan 140km Tunxi Yixian County 60km Tunxi Xucun Village 55km
Tunxi Huashan Grottoes 10km Tunxi Chengkan 65km Tunxi Guniujiang 126km

Distance From Tunxi to Major Destinations Outside of Huangshan City

From To Distance From To Distance From To Distance
Tunxi Hangzhou 250km Tunxi Mt. Lushan 400km Tunxi Jingdezhen 280km
Tunxi Nanjing 380km Tunxi Mt. Jiuhua 289km Tunxi Yaolin 210km
Tunxi Shanghai 450km Tunxi Hefei 420km Tunxi Wuyuan 120km
Tunxi Changzhou 550km Tunxi Wuxi 370km Tunxi Shaoxing 317km
Tunxi Suzhou 459km Tunxi Wuhan 746km Tunxi Mt. Putuo 522km
Tunxi Zhouzhuang 420kn Tunxi Anqing 290km Tunxi Tongling 224km

See also: Timetable of Huangshan Bus Station and Map of Time Needed for Bus Transpoertation

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