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Shopping In China

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Qingdao / Famous Shops and Stores

Qingdao is a famous seaside city of China and is a national leisure and holiday resort. In the city, tourists can buy pearl products and straw handicrafts. Also you can enjoy the well-known Qingdao beer, gold-prize brandy and red wine.

Famous Bazaars

Cultural Relics Store

First established in 1961, it is the only store selling cultural relics and antiques in the city with approval of the Ministry of Culture and the State Bureau of Cultural Relics.

It mainly handles mail orders of cultural relics, replicas of cultural relics, gold and silver jewelry, wholesales, retails and sells writing brushes, ink sticks, paper, ink slabs, fine arts and crafts, calligraphic works, paintings, seals, mounting materials and fine art goods.

Shops in Hotels

  • Shop in Sanfod Hotel
    The shop sells China-made and imported famous cigarettes, wines, drinks and handicrafts.
  • Add: 96 Hong Kong M. Rd.
  • Tel: (0532) 5897888 ext. 8177
  • Shangri-La Hotel
    Its souvenir shop sells Chinese traditional handicrafts, famous cigarettes, wines, clothes and food.
  • Add: 9 Hong Kong M. Rd.
  • Tel: (0532) 3883838
  • Shop in Post & Telecom Hotel
    It deals Chinese traditional handicrafts, famous cigarettes, wine, food and books.
  • Add: 87 Hong Kong W. Rd.
  • Tel: (0532) 3888888 ext. 6609
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