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Mountainous Products

Chun An Flowering Quince: A herb used to prevent soreness of joints, muscles and limbs.

Indocalamus Leaves: A special kind of bamboo leave used for roof covering and bamboo hat. Another major usage of the leave is to wrap Zongzi, a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice, usually eaten during Dragon Festival and Spring Festival. A large amount is exported to the coastal areas and ASIAN countries.

Stone Fungus: Typical in Huangshan area, and often used in Huizhou cuisine. This fungus usually grows on shady cliff or crevices. Its growth period often lasts 6-7 years, which is the reason why the fungus has been treated as one of the treasured components in the local cuisine. In summer, herb collectors go to mountainous area to pick the fungus. They usually work together and co-operate closely. First of all, the fungus location must be spotted, and then the collectors decide where to go down the gully. Often they tie one end of a long and thick rope around the downer's waist, and another end on a large tree on top of the cliff. It is really a dangerous and painstaking job. It is usually stewed with chicken or crucian carp. 

Huizhou Chrysanthemum: A herbal plant often drunk with green tea. The function of the plant is antipyretic, refreshing, and relieving internal heat. The remedy was so effective that the dried flower was granted the title as Tribute Tea for the royal families. Huangshan is famous for its crysanthemum tea. Huizhou in Huangshan Prefecture grows one of China's four famous chrysanthemums: the Huizhou crysanthemum. The other three are the Hangzhou white chrysanthemum, the Chu chrysanthemum and the Bo chrysanthemum.

Yixian Mushroom: Yixian is one of the twelve mushroom bases in China. Typical in China, the mushroom contains more than 17 amino acids, and is often used in different cuisines. Whenever you come to Huangshan, you will be served with this dish: Green Vegetable with Mushroom.

Bamboo Shoots: Huangshan area abounds with bamboo, and when the spring comes, the pointed bamboo shoots are sprouting from the earth in a thriving way in some wild places. Thanks to the suitable growing condition, those bamboo shoots are not only plentiful but also extremely tender and fresh. To make a living, the industrious local people have developed many kinds of bamboo shoots businesses: they sell them to people who need them to make good dish and also process the extra ones into dried forms which can be preserved for a long time.

Huangshan Bracken: A special wild plant grows on hills. In spring when patches of the bracken shoot out, the locals pick them as early as mid March. Even as late as the end of May, you still have chance to enjoy the fresh, delicious dish. Huangshan Bracken is highly evaluated by the tourists both from home and abroad. Dried bracken is available all the year round.

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