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Huangshan Kiwi Fruit:  A small, sweet and sour oval fruit with thin brownish-green fuzzy skin. The fruit may be eaten raw or cooked. It is abundant in vitamins.

Sugarcane:  A typical breed of sugarcane, with a cultivating history of more than 1500 years. The special features of the sugarcane are good harvest, tasty, watery and crisp with the sugar content above 12%. If kept properly, the green sugarcane is available next May.

Huizhou Snow-White Pear:  A specititley in Shexian County. During the early period of the pear, farmers have the small pear enveloped with a processed paper bag. Five months later, the pears are ripe, and are picked with the envelope. So the pear is as white as snow because of lacking sunshine. This kind of pear, a bit sour, crisp and watery, tastes sweet. The pear enjoys a great reputation among the tourists as they are on sale from September till next May.

Santan Loquats:  A well known breed of loquats in China. Santan refers to three ponds in Shexian County, where the environment is good with green hills divided by many clear mountain streams. And the fruit trees grow in mist most of the year besides the abundant rainfall. The feature of the fruit is thin skin, thick flesh, watery juice and very sweet. The harvest season is May and June. If your journey is in season,  just have a try.

Chinese Toprreya Nuts From Yixian County:  A very typical nut in this area with its leaves like the fir, the branches like pines, and the trunk as hard as that of cypress. Usually 20 years will have passed before the tree can bear fruits. The growth period of the tree often lasts more than 1000 years. In addition, the tree has such a long life that it will still grow prosperously even if her trunk has been hollowed by borers. The hard nuts of the tree are processed with stitle and other spices and are favored by many people. Please remember its Chinese name: Xiang Fei.

Water Chestnuts:  A kind of root fruit, mainly in Shexian County, is harvested during winter. Both the processed and unprocessed are edible. It is sweet, watery and crisp. This water chestnut is a major ingredient in Huizhou cuisine. If you come to Huangshan off the season, don't worry, the canned fruit is available everywhere. Want a try?

Fudai Waxberry:  Waxberry implantation in Fudai Village of He County of Huangshan has a history of more than 300 years. Fudai waxberries are large in size, delicacy and juicy in pulp. There are two kinds, red and white. The first is as red as blood, while the second as white as marble. The ripe season is during May and June. It is favored by tourists all over the country.

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