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Huangshan Green Teas

  Huangshan Maofeng Tea

Huangshan Maofeng Tea, formerly Huangshan Cloud Tea, is a masterwork well known to the world.

Huangshan Maofeng Tea grows in the mountains in Huangshan Scenic District 700 meters above sea level where there are cliffs piercing into clouds, fertile soil, cool air, adequate rain, short period of direct sunshine, and orchids growing everywhere sending the aroma very far. Growing in such surroundings, the tea buds are big and strong sending forth lasting sweet aroma.

Additionally, the technique of picking and producing tea is quite exquisite. The tea product therefore has a special character: the tea leaves look like tongues of birds with silver floss all about them, and are in the bright color of yellowish peak green; when infused in hot water, foggy steam with fresh fragrance is floating over the water. After being made, the liquor is clear and tastes fresheningly sweet with something of a bit bitterness.

Huangshan Maofeng, which are graded according to their quality, entered the tea market of London, Paris and Southeast Asian countries as early as 1976, and became world famous. It was listed as National Famous Tea in the Tea Appraisal Meeting held in Changsha in 1982.

Taiping Monkey Tea

Taiping Monkey Tea is firstly created in Anhui's Houkeng, while it is named after its main producing area--Tai Ping county, which known as Huangshan district in Huangshan City at present. TaiPing monkey king become world-famous since it won gold medal in the 1915's Panama Pacific Exposition.

The appearance of Taiping Monkey Tea is flat and straight. The bud is enfolded by two leaves which in green bloomed color. The greenish leaf vein, with hidden red color, is so called "red string" by farmers. When infusing, the tea leaf unfurl like colorful floating flowers. The fresh and mellow taste comes with high pure aroma which known as "monkey rhyme".

 Tunxi Green Tea

Tunlu is the abbreviation of Green Tea of Tunxi, growing mainly in Xiuning, She county, Jingde, Jixi, Tunxi, Ningguo. The tea is named Tunlu for they were processed mainly in Tunxi in history.

Tunlu tea have sturdy, tightly kinked twigs with bright color and luster. After the tea is made, its broth assumes bright green, and exudes refreshing and delicate scent like that of Chinese chestnuts and rich and mellow fragrance. Tunlu is the super-eminent products among green teas produced in China, which has great varieties such as Zhenmei, Gongxi, Tezhen, Xiumei, Lupian, etc. Tunlu tea found the international market as early as Wanli period of Ming Dynasty, nowadays they are best sellers around the world. 

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