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May 17, 2016

Thank you so much Johnson for setting up that great trip. I really appreciated your flexibility and help when I had travel troubles. I'll let you know next time I visit there again.

Seth   USA

Being a good hiker, Seth came to Huagnshan alone. His trip lasted for two day since he foucued exclusively on Huangshan mountains. The services we provided includes hotel booking, private transfer and train ticket booking.

May 6, 2016

Hi Johnson,

Yes, the tour of Huangshan and Jiuhuashan was smooth. We enjoyed everyday there. Just the rainy day could not let us enjoy the sightseeing of Huangshan.

We will plan again to Huangshan next year. Let's keep contact !

best regards

Mariana   Hongkong

Mariana and his husband, together with anothe 2 couples, visited Huangshan and Jiuhua Shan, one of the four Buddhist sacred mountains in China. The group took train from Shenzhen to Huangshan city and same way back to Shenzhen. Huangshan CITS arranged private transportation, guide servcie and hotel accommodation for the group while they pay the admission, cable car, meals themselve.

April 17, 2016

Hi Johnson,

Sorry for the late answer.  We really enjoyed the trip and the tour. Everything went very well. Our tour guide was excellent!

Thanks also for your kindness taking us to McDonald's the night we arrived so late!

Take care my friend,

Homero   Mexico

A few years ago, Homero's cousin went to Huangshan for a visit arranged by us. This time, the uncle was actually recommended by his cousin to ask help from us. Since their flight from Shanghai to Huangshan was delayed, they reached hotel almost 11:00 pm and the restaurant at hotel was closed. So, I drove my Nissan SUV to take the couple to a McDonald about 15 minutes drive from their hotel.

April 4, 2016

Hello Johnson

We had a great time. The area is very beautiful and we loved both the mountain and the villages. We had a couple of minor hiccups with food. I hint it's worth dissuading your western customers from buying all inclusive food with tours. We found the inability to have a bit more choice a little difficult, especially after a few days.

The boutique hotels were excellent, we loved them both and highly recommend them.

Bruce was generally good, but it would have been better if he had let us know more details about each day at the beginning so that we could adjust where needed. One of us had a bad knee and she needed to know more detail in order to plan her walking.

Other than that, all good.

Kind regards

Dot and Pascal    Australia

Pascal and his wife, a diplomat, are working in China. The couple came to Huangshan with their friend and her daughter on April 4 and visited Huangshan together for 3 days before the mother and daugter left for Beijing. The couple then continued with their tour in the ancient villages until April 7.

April 1, 2016

Thank you so much Johnson! It was a wonderful trip we had in Huangshan. Everything was arranged so thoughtfully and our students absolutely loved it. They are still talking about Ellen till today. Thank you for giving them such a wonderful memories for our kids. I look forward to our future collaborations!



Xiaoxia, a native Yunnaness, is now a Chinese teacher at Shady Side Academy Senior School in the U.S. She led a group of 15 high school students to Huangshan and nearby ancient villages during their visit to China. The whole group were obviously satisfied with all the service we'd provided 

March 21,2016

HI Johnson - Yes the trip went very well!  Saturday we had great weather on the mountain and saw a lot of beautiful sites... Sunday unfortunately was very foggy so we got off the mountain in the morning and went to a village.
John was great and very helpful throughout the entire weekend!
Thanks for all your help!
Darcy K. Schwartz, CPA, CIA, CFE
Manager - General Audit
Rockwell Automation
1201 South 2nd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204-2496
Phone: +1 (414) 382-2958

Darcy and her two friends chose Avatar Huangshan Tour and they came to Huangshan from Shanghai by flight on March 11, 2016.

25, February, 2016

Hi Johnson,

Many many thanks to you and your team. All was perfect and I will recommend you.

Kind regards,

Werner   Austria

Werner, an Austrian photographer, spent as many as 9 days with his wife up Huasngshan for photography after one-day shooting in Shanghai. We arranged for them private transfer and accommodation here in Huangshan as well as in Shanghai. This email was delivered to me upon their leaving China back home.

January 12, 2016

Dear Johnson,

I'm sorry just can reply you, very busy after long holiday and kids have to go to school. We want to say thank you soo much for your kindness and we really enjoyed the acrobatic show.

And we'll use your travel agent again when we have trip in China someday.


Yun Thing   Indonesia

Yun Thing and her family spent a few days visiting Shanghai before flying into Huangshan fo a visit. On their way back, the family also visited Suzhou and Zhouzhuang. We made all the arrangments for the family.

January 8, 2016

Hi Johnson,

We got back yesterday.  I love the ancient villages but the Huangshan steps were quite a challenge to my knees.  They are now recovering.  If Terry had seen the sea of clouds it would have been perfect for him!  Overall we had a good time.

Alex is an excellent guide and we were very happy with his service. We have decided to do Jiangxi in late March as Tibet is closed to foreigners.


Cilla   Auatralian

Cilla and her husband Terry, a photographer, visited Huangshan and took photos in the old villages for 7 days. The couple were so brave to even ask us to arrange a trip for them to explore and shoot Tibet. Due to the situation in Tibet, the couple have decide to visit Jiangxi Province instead where Wuyuan, Jingdezhen and Mt. Lushan are located. Luckily, we have the pleasure to be at their service again soon.

November 23, 2015

Hi Johnson,

We are back home this morning and are recovering well from the week of mountain trekking.

Overall, we believe we achieved much of what we came for with essentially the 2 counties we visited - Lin'an and Anji each with its similar and distinctive features.

We like Tianmushan better for its natural landscapes and the hotel amenities and staff's caring attitude. We received a lot of attention while there and hope it is so during busier seasons. They were very willing to cater to our taste-buds and cook meals in the way we want it.

Unfortunately, we were not able to experience Jiangnan Tianchi - the resort for what it has and the tianchi due to very heavy fog.

Your guides were good and the drivers steady and safe.

We did not like our first night stay as the facilities were not really in good condition and sufficiently for human comfort. The breakfast was so-so.

Most of all, we appreciate your constant contact with us which was very updating and gave us comfort that all would be in order.

Thanks a million, Johnson.


Anthony Hoe   Singapore

Anothony and 3 other tourists from Singapore visted Tianmu Mountains in Lian'an and nearby Anji County from November 17 to 22. Huangshan CITS is responsible for all the arrangments for them, including roundtrip private transportation. As he said, overally they enjoyed the trip.

November the 2nd, 2015

Hi Johnson,

Until I respond to your mail...just wanted to say that the tour was very well organised and we had a pleasant stay. We were gald that we did the Huangshan tour to experience the things out of the cities. Mirian was also very lovely and accommodating.

Thanks again and if you even do visit Sri Lanka, let me know :) Have a good day.


Dilini   Sri Lanka

Dilini and her female cousin, one is working with a bank and another is a teacher, came to Huangshan near the end of October from Shanghai as an estention trip. It's a pity we did not meet them in person, although they seemd to have had a good time visiting Huangshan mountains. Mirian was their guide acompanying them throughout their trip.

October the 8th, 2015

Dear Johnson,

Thank you for your service.

It all worked out really easily. We put our bicycles into cardboard boxes and it was no problem to check them in. It was faster and easier than anywhere in Europe. :)

Again, we appreciated your service and I'll recommend you to anybody who's planning a trip to the yellow mountains.

Best wishes,

Olivier    Switzerland

Olivier, a Swiss citizen, with his 5 friends from Switzerland, Denmark and Japan, made a visit to Huangshan. They asked us to book only flight tickets from Huangshan to Beijing on October the 7th. We booked and issued the electronic flight tickets for them after their payment done in China. What is interesting is that we did not meet at all.

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