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Mt. Huangshan Environment & Protection

For the last decade, many environment investigations, monitoring and comprehensive analysis and research show that, the overall level of ecological environment of Mt. Huangshan's scenic area reaches grade I and maintains a good status. The typical environmental survey results in 1998 indicate the daily mean density of SO2, NOX, and TSP indexes are below the state-grade-one standard of atmospheric environmental quality.

The environmental quality survey also indicates that, the original normal indexes of the atmospheric environment quality are lower than the state grade-one standard. Besides, the survey of the brooks and reservoir, which was undertaken discontinuously in recent years, shows its water quality has been greatly improved and the soil environment remains uncontaminated and maintains the basic status and features of natural soils.

Objectives of Landscape Environment Preservation

1. Landscape objectives

Preventing the natural landscape from being spoiled; protecting the traditional and newly-developed landscapes; protecting the areas of special research value and of literary and artistic value.

2. Ecological objectives

The forest coverage rate is between 85% - 90%; protecting the stability of local ecological community and rare species.

3. Environment quality objectives

Atmospheric environment: Performing Category-one of Atmospheric Environment Quality Standards ( GB3095 -82 Standards ) and Grade I Standards.

Water Environment: Performing Category-one of Ground Water Environment Quality Standards ( GB3838-88 ) and Grade I Standards.

Drinking water: Performing Living Water Sanitation Standards ( GB3095 -82 ).

House refuse: Preventing it from spoiling the landscape and preventing BOD5 value of water body from exceeding certain standards ( the amount of refuse per square kilometer  is less than 50 tons). It is obvious that environment protection should focus on prevention of ground water from being contaminated and disposal and processing of tourist rubbish, when we compare the environment target with the actual environment conditions and quality.

In view of the environment objectives as well as the real environment status and quality, the environment preservation work should focus on preventing the surface water from being contaminated and the disposal of tourist refuse.

Control of pollution sources

Currently, sporadic sewage disposal facilities are being established  in installments under unified plans in order to control the pollution sources for living water. Additional efforts should be taken to control toilet pollution sources. All the toilets in the area will be titleered in two years in accordance with the international sanitary standards.

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