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A Memorable Trip

Its been a year!

I can't believe it that its already been a year since we got married! Its been one fun year with lots of good stuff , lots of travel and loads and loads of fun. We saw mauritius/london and moved to the US all in one year! I quit yahoo only to join yahoo back ! We never thought our first wedding anniversary will be in a place so far from our family! After much racking on what to do during our anniversary we decided we wanted to spend it in a nice place. We had been thinking of making a trip to Yosemite since we got to the bay area and this seemed like a perfect time to make the trip and luckily we managed to get a tented lodging in curry village.

Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The drive to Yosemite was just wonderful almost 60-70 miles of hill driving at various speeds. The drive though is mostly safe when compared to similar drives to hill stations in north India. Yosemite is so scenic that one really needs to spend a lot of time in there to appreciate the place. We had less than two days to see as much as we can. We reached on friday afternoon had lunch at some nameless restaurant along the way which was rather crappy!. We checked into our tents and just quickly dumped our stuff and moved out to see Yosemite.

 First order of business though was to dump everything in the bear locker, Aruna was so paranoid that a bear will come that she won't even let me keep even water bottle in the tent(though i did manage to get her to agree to that towards the evening). We hiked our way to see Vernal falls which was like a mile from curry village ( a lodging resort in Yosemite). Best part there is free transport inside the Valley area which runs like every 10 minutes and you can just use that to see the Yosemite valley. The hike to the the bridge from where vernal fall is visible was about a mile and about 2.2 miles to the fall. We decided to just walk to the bridge given our fitness levels:).

The hike path was well trod and pretty wide and with lots of people encouraging us along the way! The place was quite and the view at points was beautiful with the water from the fall flowing alongside the hiking path. It was a good one hour before we reached the bridge( yes yes I know its slow but well we did get there you know! ). The place was beautiful though the fall was much much further and neither of us was upto it. We stood there soaked in the beauty and took a few snaps before we headed down.

The evening was spent lazing around and eating pizzas and drinking coffee while enjoying the beauty of Yosemite!. We spent about an hour just sitting in the amphitheater watching some kid chat away to glory on the mike and a documentary on the Ahwanee hotel in Yosemite. It was beautiful just to sit there between trees and watching the sun set and casting its last rays on the hills surrounding the valley.

Next day we started early and I was really interested in going and seeing the Giant Sequoia trees but Aruna refused to go since the place was over 40 miles from curry village and it was hill driving ( her confidence in my driving went downhill after I told her on the way to Yosemite that it was my first hill driving experience:p ). So we just decided to laze around in the valley area, we would just get onto the bus roam around get off at a stop see what that place was about then if it didn't seem interesting hop right back.

We saw the Ahwanee Hotel, Ansel Adams gallery etc. Ahwanee hotel is really beautiful and we decided we would love to come stay there sometime in the winter!. The gallery was nice with a display of Yosemite snaps by Ansel Adams as well as another photographer( the name slips from my memory). We spent a good 30-45 minutes in the gallery just poring through all the beautiful snaps. After the gallery we realized the day was getting hotter and with not much to do in the valley we decided to head back home promising that we would come back at another time to see more of Yosemite!( hopefully in the next 1-2 months)!. We stopped along the way to take snaps at some beautiful stretches in Yosemite.

Overall its been one memorable trip albeit a short one which we hope to correct in our next trip to Yosemite. We could not see the Tuolumne meadows nor tioga pass etc. These are all the places that we want to see on our next trip. Something that I really want to see is the view of Sierra Nevada from Tioga Pass which is supposed to be extremely beautiful as well as see the view of the Yosemite valley from Glacier Point and at least see one bear in the wild! Actually a bear cub will be better on second thoughts:).

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