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Capital of Ceramics in China

Famous for producing the high-quality ceramic art crafts, Jingdezhen is renowned in China for its art of sculptures and pottery.

"Le Roi Soleil" - Louis IV liked the Jingdezhen ceramics statues so much that he even sent merchants to have his statue made in this "famous town of ceramics."

Ceramics in Jingdezhen of East China's Jiangxi Province date back to the Northern Zhou Dynasty (AD 557-581). But it was not until the Song Dynasty (960-1279) that the artisans made breakthroughs in the ceramic making. They not only produced such fine pieces as green-glaze ceramics, but also ceramics statues. They were used widely as ornaments, ritual vessels and banquets vessels.

More colours or colour-patterns appeared on the Jingdezhen ceramic pieces over time, including the three-glaze, cross-link flower pattern.

It was said that in the reign of Emperor Kangxi during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) that a ceramic cat was made in whose body a candle could be burnt. At night, when a candle was lit, it looked so real that it would scare a mouse away. Also during this period some famous ceramics artists turned up like Chen Guozhi and Wang Bingrong. Both of them tried to give ceramic pieces fresh appearances by imitating the exterior quality of wood, bamboo and ivory. Sometimes it was hard to distinguish the difference.

Over the past century, Jingdezhen has been famous for making Buddha statues.

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