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Like Hongcun, Xidi and Nanping, Guanlu, which is located around 8km west of Yixian and further along the road beyond Nanping, is known for its centuries old village architectures. Its well-known "eight family houses" were built during the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) by eight Hui merchant brothers of the same Wang clan. What is unusual about these eight large houses are its interconnection by doors and linking together into a systemic whole. Each Qing dynasty residence shares similar elegant Huizhou features, with light wells, interior courtyards, halls, carved wood panels and small gardens. A distinctive aspect of the residences is their elegantly painted ceilings, the patterns and details of which survive.

Guanlu is the latest in the list of well-known villages of Yixian county to be promoted as a tourist site. The small village has about 100 households with a population of about 400. And it has been open to public since 2003.

Buses (one hour and a half, every 25 minutes) from the Tunxi long-distance bus station depart between 7am and 5pm for Yixian town, 47km west of Tunxi. Yixian serves as the transport hub for public transport to the surrounding villages. There are buses from Yixian to Guanlu (between 7am and 7pm). From the Yixian bus station, minibuses depart when full to Xidi and Hongcun, east of Yixian, and they also run infrequently to Nanping. Taxis go to Xidi, Hongcun and Guanlu from Yixian. Minibuses sporadically run through Xidi to Hongcun, otherwise return to Yixian for connections to Hongcun, or take a taxi from Xidi to Hongcun. The last bus back to Tunxi from Yixian leaves at 5pm.

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