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Mukeng and The Bamboo Forest

Those who are feeling adventurous may wish to visit the remote village of Mukeng and its surrounding bamboo forest where the bamboo forest fight scene in the movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was filmed. Tour Map of Mukeng and Bamboo Forest

From Tunxi, a 1.5-hr. bus ride will take you as close as possible to the village, but after that, you must complete the journey by taking a 25-minute walk up a mountain trail. This walk is worth the trip. The views are extraordinarily beautiful with quaint hillside villages dotting the valleys. There is a special feeling to the atmosphere as you enter the cool and shaded bamboo forest.

Mukeng village, which is only about ten-minute drive away from Hongcun, is a small village of approximately 90 people who live a simple and traditional lifestyle and all bear the same surname - Fu. As you might have already guessed, they are all relatives and, from this perspective, it is a one-family village (whose ancestors actually came from Jiangxi Province). People there are surprisingly guileless and openhanded. Nothing beats experiencing a place where simplicity and friendliness still rule. Those who are flexible in their standards for comfort may choose to stay overnight in Mukeng. Lodging can be negotiated with farmers who will supply home-cooked meals, clean sheets, and an opportunity for bathing in a heated shower room. One of the benefits of staying over is that many hosts will gladly tutor guests in the skills of preparing traditional Chinese cuisine.

On the way to Mukeng and Bamboo Forest, and just about 1 km away from Hongcun is Tachuan, a small village against mountains mostly renowned for its photogenic autumn scenery. The tranquil and simple life style of the villagers, in couple with gardenia and maple tree leaves, which turn red in autumn, attract photograhers across China to gather here from October to November for the intoxicating views in this village. It is also one of the three so-called Grand Autumn Sceneries in China, the other 2 being Fragrant Hill in Beijing and Jiuzhaigou, a national tour destination in Sichuan Province.

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