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Huashan Mysterious Grottoes

The grottoes are not strange to all of you, we often see all sorts of dissolved caves formed by Karst topography, in the cave are various splendid stalactites formed through millions of years. Today, we'll bring you to the ancient Huizuo man-made Huashan Mysterious Grottoes. It is the largest in scale, the highest in grade and the most mysterious in our country at present. (Further reading: Not just for the mountain)

The H.M.G Scenic Area on the eastern suburbs of Tunxi, Huangshan city, lies in the hills and mountains along the Xin'an River's lower reaches. Among the hills and mountains and along the five-kilometre-long river are 36 grottoes. The area of Scenic spot reaches about 7 square kilometres.

On May 20th, 2001, President Jiang Zemin personally inspected H.M.G and delightedly named the Scenic area "H.M.G" with his own handwriting. He praised:" It's marvelous! It's a mystery, really an ancient mystery!" The wonder of H.M.G lies in its "Mystery", as it has really left people too many mysteries!

First of all, there are 36 grottoes titleogether, among the hills and mountains along the 5 kilometres Xin'an River. The size of the grottoes in each hill is different. In the hills which have a circumference of 7 square kilometers, there is an "empty hill". Each time when thunder and lightening happened, the strong sound wave was vibrating and echoing in the grottoes, letting out the response "wenwen" and made people tremble with fear. One of the myteries is whether the 36 grottoes connected with each other or formed alone.

About the grottoes, there are no recorded writing material in the history. It is calculated by experts from the deposit height of the stalactites in the grottoes that the grottoes were chiseled before Jin Dynasty. It has at least been 1700 years old. Who on earth did this? And for what? For troops shelters or food shelters? For stone quarry or the Emperors tombs? Maybe an unfinished "MoGao Grottoes" in Anhui? If it is a shelter for troops and food or a place where the ancient people lived, it is really a secret and safe place. However, how to get rid of it dampness?

If it is for stone quarry, why not do it in the open air? Up to now, the processed stone material without being carries away has still left in the grottoes. It is very difficult for such stone material weighed several tons to be transported out of the grottoes. These processed stone material really makes people difficult to understand.

It is preliminarily measured from the space volume of the grottoes that about 200,000 cubic metres stone needs developing. How were these developed at that time? Where have all the stones developed been transported? In the place that has a circumference of tens of metres no places where the stones were piled by Man have been found. Can it be transported to Hangzhou or other places for construction or building along Xin'an River? Such a large project, is it done by man from outer space or not?

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