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Sights of Mt. Huangshan

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Location of Huangshan Mountains in China

On 23 December, 2009 during a press conference in Beijing where he promoted his film, James Cameron, director of Avatar which is the hottest movie recently all over the world, revealed that China was the inspiration for some of the alien planet scenes in the film, especially "Hallelujah Mountains", which he said was modeled after Huangshan Mountain in China's Anhui Province. He recalled sending his crew to the site to select scenery and take pictures. "All we had to do was simply recreate Huangshan Mountain in outer space."

Mt. Huangshan, which is situated in the south of Anhui Province, covers an area of about 250 square kilometers.

In the Qin Dynasty (221-206 B.C.), it was known as Mt. Yishan (Black Mountain). In 747 of the Tang Dynasty (618-917A.D.), Emperor Li Longji of the Tang Dynasty believed that the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan became an immortal here so he changed the name of the mountain to Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain).

Mt. Huangshan has numerous mountain peaks, of which seventy-two have names. The highest is the Lotus Flower Peak at 1864 meters above sea level. This is one of the three main peaks that are considered to be forbiddingly precipitous, the other two being Guang Ming Ding (Bright Summit) at 1860 meters and Tian Du Feng (Heavenly Capital Peak) at 1840 meters respectively.

Mt. Huangshan ranks among China's best-known scenic spots. In Mt. Huangshan, you may find all beauties of Nature. But its charm lies especially in its strange pines, fantastic rocks, the sea of clouds and hot springs - the four supreme sights on the mountain. The pines on Mt. Huangshan in their infinite variety of forms impress one with their grace and hardiness. The best known is the Welcoming Pine and the Lying-Dragon Pine. Picturesque rocks are seen everywhere on the mountain, in a myriad of fantastic shapes, some looking like humans or things in real life and some like beasts and birds in animated motion. As for the sea of clouds, it engulfs the mountain all the year round. And there is a cluster of hot spings which never dry up, and whose crystal good-quality water is good for both drinking and bathing. Besides, Mt. Huangshan is also noted for its variety of exotic plants and flowers, rare birds and animals.

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