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Sights of Mt. Huangshan

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Pine Valley Scenic Area

Songgu (Pine Valley) Scenic Area which covers 13 square km is located to the northenr foothill of Huangshan, close to the Taiping Cable Car Lower Station. Rocks of different formation, rock inscriptions and crystal water pools are the main attraction in the area in addtion to some tea plantations and bamboo forest on the mountain slope. The Old Dragon Pool (Laolong Tan), Green Dragon Pool (Qinglong Tan), Black Dragon Pool (Wulong Tan), White Dragon Pool (Bailong Tan) located not far away from the Jadite Pond and the Pine Valley Rivulet is actually five giant rocks naturally shaped like dragons stretching their heads down to drink water, hence the name. A small pavilion called Black Dragon Pavilion is actually built on the top of Black Dragon Rock. Along the mountainside are glittering green pools various in shape and size. The color changes in water caused by lighting presents a kaleidoscopic scene. After visiing the Jadite Pond, visitors can walk cross a bridge to reach the Pine Valley Nunnery nestled at the foot of the Diezhang Peak. Originally built in 1253 A.D, the nunnery was rebuilt in 1426 A.D. The surroundings here are quiet and pleasant. It is a good place to enjoy the ancient stone inscription and other beautiful scenery.

Compared with other parts of Huangshan mountains, it is much more tranquil in the Pine Valley due to few tourists who will be down there for a visit. To get there, people who stay on the top of Huangshan can take cable car at Taiping Cable Car Upper Station (also called Purple Cloud Station) near the entrance to the Grand Canyon; or, as some hiking lovers have done, trek down via a trail by the Refreshing Terrace in Beihai (North Sea), which would take about 5 hours. A good hiking, isn't it? They can reward themselves taking cable car back up. Or just simply take the same cable car down and up. The Pine Valley is well worth half a day visit if you have time.

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