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Tourism Festivals in China in 2016

China boasts many picturesque locations. Different places are characterized by diverse places of interest. In order to make these scenic locations better known to people and publicize Chinese culture in general, the governments in different regions organize festivals which utilize local tourist resorts. Because these festivals are closely linked with the famous local scenic places and are full of amusements and activities which give visitors an insight into local customs in a relaxed atmosphere, they are known as tourist festivals.

Below are some of the most important and famous tourist festivals in China; each of which has its own distinctive characteristics.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
Spring Festival Flower Fair
Lantern Festival in Zigong Sichuan
Hainan International Coconut Festival
Luoyang Peony Fair
Weifang International Kite Festival
Chang'an Annual lnternational Calligraphy Meeting
Fujian Mazu Festival
Yueyang International Dragon Boat Festival
Jiayuguan Pass International Glider Festival
Mt. Wutai International Tourist Month
Qingdao International Beer Festival
Xinjiang Grape Festival
Dalian International Fashion Festival
Xi'an Ancient Culture Art Festival
Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival
Qufu International Confucius Culture Festival
Zhangjiajie International Forest Festival
Suzhou Silk Tourist Festival
Shanghai Huangpu Tourist Festival
Hubei Three Gorges Art Festival
October and November
Huangshan Mountain International Tourist Festival
Jingdezhen International Pottery and Porcelain Festival
Guilin Scenery Festival

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