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Information on Huangshan Tour

Mount Huangshan, a world cultural and natural heritage site, is one of China's most famously scenic mountain landscapes. With its imposing peaks, mysterious clouds, and ancient wind-sculpted pines, Huangshan has inspired painters and poets for centuries. The famed Chinese poet Li Po gave the range its name, Yellow Mountain, in 747 AD. The range has more than 70 peaks, most over 3,000 feet. This fabulous mountain has enjoyed such a popularity among the Chinese people that it, together with Yangtse River, Yellow River and Great Wall, serves as a symbol of China and the Chinese nation.

Located to the souteast of Shanghai, Huangshan is accessible by flight in one hour, by bus in 5 hours or by train in 11 hours from Shanghai. So it is ideal to take an extention trip to Huangshan after visiting Shanghai. Huangshan China International Travel Service is your reliable and trustworth agency to provide you with the best possible service, making your trip to Huangshan a fully rewarding one.

Apart from Mount Huangshan, Huangshan City is also famed for its old villages, among which Hongcun and Xidi Villages have been accepted by UNESCO as the world cultural heritage site since 2000. Visiting those ancient villages, you are bound to be deeply impressed by the beautifull rural landscape, unique architecture, exortic wood carvings and friendly local villagers.

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