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Huangshan in Summer

The temperature in Huangshan Mountain is agreeable all year round. It is cool in summer, averaging 20ºC at the North Sea Guest House (1,630 meters above the sea level) and 25ºC at Hot Spring (630 meters) in July (the hottest month). As clouds often shut out the sun, hot weather never stays long, and this makes Huangshan Mountain an ideal summer resort.
The summer in Mt. Huangshan presents you a cool world with pine shades everywhere. The dashing waterfalls on the cliffs contrasting the crystal-clear water in the mountain stream form unique waterscape scenery. On a summer dawn, it is the best time to watch the sunrise with extremely clear sky. In summer you can also see verdured peaks rising one upon another and hear the springs gurgling merrily.

Dawn in summer is most splendid as the rising sun lights the sky and the peaks and the plants and the whole world takes on a brilliant glow. After a storm, Mt. Huangshan becomes a world of water. Numerous streams and waterfalls compose an exciting and vigorous symphony. The Sea of Clouds during this season is not as vast as during autumn or winter but it revels in its brightness. If you are really lucky you will see a vivid rainbow flying over two peaks. Sunset is no less enchanting than sunrise. Mt. Huangshan in summer is the best resort in which to escape high temperatures of southern China. 

A visit to historical sites is your must after you get down the mountain, too. At the foot of Huangshan Mountain, there are several ancient small towns. The stone paved streets zigzag up and down with the topography of the mountain, and the murmuring brook glistens in the sun. Among then, the old residence in Hongcun and Xidi Villages praised by many scholars as the "treasure house of ancient oriental arts of architecture," have been accepted by UNESCO as the World Cultural Heritage Site. Those villages impress visitors deeply with its splendid local architectural styles and beautiful surroundings.

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