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Huangshan in Winter

To see Huangshan in winter vacation is another special experience different from all the other winter vacations. Travel to Mt. Huangshan in winter you will be pleasantly surprised and have some unlooked-for experience:
Snow is an eternal theme of Mt.Huangshan in winter because all the beauty spots take a dramatic change. During this time, the peaks, the mountains, the wonder stones, the trees and the wines all dress in white. Appreciating the ice sculptures, you will find that you are traveling in a silver fairyland and astonished at the marvel of nature. You will be intoxicated and fascinated in such a picturesque landscape that you will forget to return to the hotel.
Rime is one of the famous wonders of Mt.Huangshan in winter. It looks not so like snow, and not so like frost but is more beautiful and vagarious than snow or frost. When fog or drizzle comes to Mt. Huangshan in the sub-zero weather, the trees, the rocks, peaks will be covered with the rime, and you may find yourself in a crystal and shiny wonderland with clusters of frosty corals suffused with a plentiful supply of fresh air.

Sea of Clouds
Winter is the best season to appreciate the sea of clouds in Mt.Huangshan. Because during this time, temperature of the lower atmosphere and the condensation level of the stratocumulus is relatively low (approximately 800-1,200 meters), the cold air frequently appears. After snow or rain, boundless sea of clouds often can be viewed. And please bear in mind that the tremendous spectacle of sunrise from the sea of clouds is an unusual sight, it is a must-see.
In winter you can have more opportunities to see spectacular sunrise than in the other season as the clouds in this season are lower and rain is a rarity in Mt.Huangshan.

Sounds of nature
Mt.Huangshan is a good place to listen to the sounds of nature in winter. The murmur of springs in the thunder of the cascades, the soughing of the wind in the pines, the chord of the sea of the clouds, and the voice of the broken ice are known as the five sounds of Mt. Huangshan. They can be heard in the proper places in this mountain. But the last one only heard at midday in winter, when the sunlight melting the ice, the valleys often echo with the clear and ringing voices of the broken ice off and on. It is such a mysterious sound that you will immerse in the fantastic imagination!
The thick forest and the gullies near the Pine Valley Nunnery are the paradise of the animals. In winter, you can meet birds, elks, deer, monkeys, foxes...crowded here to find food. Winter of Mt. Huangshan is an ideal photographic studio for the Shutterbugs and the exploring world which has been yearned for by the animal fans.
Answers to the doubts about Huangshan winter tour
Question: Will the access to Mt. Huangshan be closed during winter?
Answer: On the contrary, in recent years, winter season has become a tour rush for quite a number of tourists. Especially for the spring festival, the hotels on the top have been over-reserved  A month in advance.
Question: What about the climate in winter?
Answer: The local climate is characterized to be sub-tropical. The average temperature on the top during January is around 6 degrees Centigrade. The annual snow fall duration lasts about 60 days.
Besides, the hotels on the top are all equipped with electric heater.
Question: What about the path conditions on the top during snow season?
Answer: Mt. Huangshan enjoys a great reputation nationwide of being a safe mountain. After years of update, the step paths have become a pride of Mt. Huangshan. Whenever it snows, the snow fall will be promptly swept off the path to ensure the safety of the tourists.
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