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Museum of Porcelain

Jingdezhen known as the ceramic metropolis of china, is a brilliant pearl in the world's art garden of ceramics. The long history of this ceramic metropolic is so arranged in this museum that "it takes one hour to enjoy looking at famous porcelain wares of different ages over the past thousand years".

History books read: Jingdezhen started porcelain manufacturing in late Han Dynasty. In Tang Dynasty, there were Tao Kiln and Huo Kiln whose wares were noted for their quiet and smooth colours and enjoyed the reputation of being "false jade wares". From Five Dynsties to Song Dynasty, kilns were all over the town and on both sides of the South River on the outskirts. In Five Dynasties, the quality of white porcelain wares already reached present day standard. "Ying Qing" (misty blue) wares of Song Dynasty stood out for fine paste, smooth colour and being good-looking. Therefore, it became the place of origin for the family of misty blue porcelain. During Jingde's Reign (1004-1007) of Song Dynasty, an official resident in the town was appointed to oversee wares manufactured for imperial use. Hence, the place was called Jingde Town (Jingdezhen), In Yuan Dynasty, "Fuliang porcelain office" was set up in the town to take charge of manufactuning wares for the court. It successfully produced blue and white, Underglaze red, coppered glaze, mazarine blue and egg-shell white wares; also new varieties of three-colour glaze and gold colour wares, especially, the blue and white wares were famous all over the world. In early Ming Dynasty, government run kilns wear set up at Mount Zhushan in Jingdezhen, therefore, porcelain production entered a flourishing stage of competition between governmental and non-governmental kilns. The governmental kilns were acclaimed for blue and white wares, sacrificial red wares and sweet white wares of Yongle's Reign and Xuande's Reign, for wares in contending colours, peacock green wares and bright yellow wares of Chenghua's Reign, and for five-coloured wares and rouge-de-fer wares of Jiajing's Reign and Wanli's Reign. Non-governmental kilns were praised for blue and white wares with designs in a blod and flowing style, and for FaHua wares and wares with designs painted on a plain porcelain body in three colours in the period from Hongzhi's Reign to Jiajing's Reign. At that time, Jingdezhen became a "town of thunder and lightning all the year round" for "flames light up the sky and a din in the night prevent people from falling asleep". The workmanship became excellent in Qing Dynasty with its climax in China's porcelain manufacturing history appearing in Kangxi's Reign, Yongzheng's Reign and Qianlong's Reign. Five-coloured wares, tri-coloured wares and cloisome enamel wares in Kangxi's Reign. Famille rose wares and wares with designs painted in black on white surface in Yongzheng's Reign, and bronze-coloured wares and wares with semi-transparent spots in Qianlong's Reign, all were superb porcelain articles. Moreover, ruby red wares by Lang kiln, rouge red wares, imitation Jun-kiln red wares, sky blue wares, tea dust wares, imitation Jun-kiln ware by smaller kilns and peacock green wares, all these wares of high-temperatured and low-temperatured glazes, rich and varied in colour, surpassed previous ages. Howerer, with the society going from bad to worse, porcelain production gradually declined and porcelain art paled into insignificance with a load of unnecessary technique.

Since the founding of new China, with the socialization of the means of production and wide spread use of modern science and technology, the production and management of the time-honoured handicraft porcelain industry had made headway in the direction of modernnization. And the Jingdezhen porcelain production has been bursting new buds. Both traditional and newly invented varieties have been on the increase. The quality and quantity have been going up day after day. It won gold-medal prize, in nationwide competition for its blue and white wares, colour-glazed wares, and egg-shell wares. The Ministry of light industry and Jiangxi Provincial Government conferred prizes on some other wares of Jingdezhen. With its singular artistic charm, Jingdezhen ceramics is highly acclaimed by people both at home and abroad.

A brilliant pearl, Jingdezhen will shine forever!

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