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July 19, 2015,

Hi Johnson,

How are you? Hope you are fine. Thank you for your assistance during we were in Huangshan. 

But I cannot open your file. I think it's very heavy.

We are at home now... but we are still very tired. Our trip was really hard. We arrived in Beijing on 28 of June morning, and we returned to Paris on 12 July.

Our trip was: Beijing-Xi'an-Luoyang-Shaolin Temple-Xi'an-Shanghai-Suzhou-Huangshan-Hangzhou-Beijing.

We had almost seen what we were planning to see. Excepted Shanghai, because I didn't imagine how big China is!

I imagined to take a train early in the morning from Shanghai to Suzhou. And return in the evening from Suzhou to Shanghai. But in reality we couldn't do it in one day trip.

As in almost cities in France and in Europe, all the railways stations are in the city center. you can reach it easily. I didn't imagine the train station in Shanghai to Suzhou is as far as to go to the airport!

As we arrived in Shanghai at midnight, and we didn't have a chance with the taxi driver from the Pudong Airport to our hotel: Onehome Yalong International Hotel (N. 668 Gushan Road 200135 Shanghai). 

He drived us more more than one hours in the highway with a 100 km/h.  Nobody in the highway, only our taxi. He turned around from one highway to the others. We saw many times the signalisation to Pudong Airport! 

After we claimed eagerly... suddenly he found the way to enter in the city... We saw the screen indication was almost 200 Yuan! We told our misadventure to the hotel reception who translated to the driver.

I didn't know... how the taxi driver did with his machine... he gave us a ticket for the trip about 177 Yuan. 

With this bad experience, in the next morning, I decided to shorten our stay in Shanghai. In the afternoon we took a train to Suzhou.  Because our next destination is from Suzhou to Huangshan.

When we were waiting your driver in Tangkou shuttle bus for bus station to Hangzhou, we had also a bad experience in a restaurant near the shop we left our luggage the day before. 

The restaurant show us the menu without price. As we knew already in Beijing-Xi'an and other cities...  we thought it would be the same price (not so expensive). But... we got the surprise... for a bowl of chicken... we paid 180 Yuan! More expensive in the Xihai Hotel restaurant (at the top of Huangshan)

We were very crazy to see how big China is! In Paris, from one subway station to the next one, or even to the three next stop... you can reach it on foot! But in Beijing and even in Suzhou or Hangzhou from one station to the next one is very far! The same with the bus!

During our stay in China, we didn't  find a small city. I don't know if you consider Huangshan as a small city or not? For us is a big city.

What we saw were the excessiveness. Your trains stations is big as our airport! Your Streets are very large. Everywhere are very crowded.  Everybody take the trains... It's very impressive. On the way home in Paris... we feel we are in deeply countryside!

It's very impressive in the big city... we still could find someone like you: nice, pleasant, friendly and ready to help the strangers.

We found 3 persons who help us to find a way.  When we were in Suzhou, someone who work in the insurance company helped us to find the way to  Master Net Garden.

In the bus from Huangshan to Hangzhou, we met a Chinese who live in Boston. He helped us from Hangzhou bus station to take a bus to the city of Hangzhou and find the way to our hotel (near West Lake). I didn't imagine the Hangzhou bus station is still far to the city. I couldn't imagine without his help...!

And late in the evening, when we arrived from Hangzhou at Beijing South Station, another person help us to find the subway to our hotel. By chance,  he used to be at Bordeaux (France) three weeks before for a Wine Exhibition! 

Really, we had an unforgettable trip in your country! Hope someday, we may return to see another cities.

If someday you come to Paris, do not hesitate to contact us! Thank you again for your help; Our Best Regards to David and the drivers!

Agathénaïs, Cybèlagena, Regina & Sébastien  ADIGUNA
37, rue Georges Quiqueré
+ 33 1 47 94 67 24
+33 6 23 32 46 58

July 17, 2015

Hi Johnson,

Yes the trip went very well. The only problem I had which had nothing to do with CITS is that the plane from Huangshan to Bejing was two hours late so I got back to my hotel at 3 am in the morning. Despite that it was well worth it.
I could send you some pictures if you like. 


David   USA

David is a professor in the Department of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health. He attended a meeting held in Beijing and did this extension trip to Huangshan.

May 30, 2015

Hi Johnson,

The tour was great and we had a wonderful time so thanks for organising it. Please also pass on our thanks to Jean as she was very accommodating for our needs and looked after us very well. She even whistled the rain and fog away so that we could take a lot of photos :)

I'll definitely recommend the tour to my friends if any of them come to Shanghai.


Ada NG    Singapore

Ada and her husband selected Avatar Huangshan Tour on our website. We also took care of their roundtrip flight tickets from and to Shanghai.

April 25, 2015

Hello Johnson,

The trip went very well. We enjoyed Huangshan and the old villages very much. The accommodation were good. We loved the guesthouse in Hongcun. In Huangshan it was ok, even if the hot water in the cabin didn't work very well.

Thanks again for your service,


Christelle   France

It is really interesting that we did not have the chance to meet Christele, a French tourist, and her friend. They asked us to book hotels up and down the Huangshan mountains, including one night stay at Hongcun, a UNESCO world heritage, and made the money transfer in France. We are surely happy that they liked the accommodation arranged by us.

March 17, 2015

Hi Johnson, 

Yes, it was a really amazing tour. Alex is a very attentive guide. I enjoyed this tour very much.

Thank you for all!  Best regards on Alex.

Best regards,

Veronica    Germany

Veronica is a German lady of over 50 years. She left us a deep impression by choosing to trek along the Xin'an River and hiking up and down Huangshan mountains just on foot. Alex, our tour guide who does regular long-distance running, was even surprised by her energy and performance.

March 4, 2015

Dear Johnson,

We met the raining weather whole week finally give us a sunny day on sunday, we enjoyed a lot of pleasure on Huangshan, still thank for your arrangement of our Huangshan trip.

Look forward to visiting huangshan again.


Allen Chen   Taiwan

Allen and his 3 friends, all were fond of photography, stayed at different hotel up Huangshan for as long as 6 nights. Huangshan CITS booked the hotels and arranged for them roundtrip private transporation.

December 24, 2014

Dear Johnson,

We made an excellent experience, the tour was exactly what we wished, Alex has been a very kind and efficient guide who really took care of everything in the hotels etc., and yes the weather was extremely lucky.

So, overall, really a great experience, thank you !!

Kind regards

Andre    France

Andre and his German friend did Huangshan Hiking Tour on December 21. They were really lucky since the weather had been fine.

December 10, 2014

Hi Johnson,

just a quick email to thank you for the organization. Ivan has been a really good guide and thanks to him I managed to get some decent photos.

Here is the link to the photos:

If you could pass it to Ivan I would be grateful.


Alessandro   Italy

Alessandro is a Italian photographer, who spent only one day exploring the majestic scenery up Huangshan and visited the UNESCO world cultural heritage site of Hongcun. Although his visiting is brief an short, he did some nice shots as you can see on his website.

August 14, 2014

Hi Johnson,

Ok. Understood.
Also, thank you so much for all of your service.  Everything has been excellent. I will certainly recommend you to my friends, family and other travellers I meet.

I look forward to seeing Mr. Lee tomorrow at 14:30.

Best regards

Darlene   Canada

Darlene Winning, a Canadian lady who booked herself a hotel in the hot spring area near the foothill of Huangshan mountains, where she would stay for 5 nights. She came to us firstly for the service of roundtrip private transfer, i.e., from Huangshan airport to her hotel and form her hotel to Huangshan Railway Station on the final day. During her stay, she asked us for additional service: a 2-day trip to the nearby old villages, including an English-speaking guide. We provided her with the service, and we think she did enjoy her trip.

July 21, 2014

Hi Johnson,

Yes we are very satisfied and will recommend your company.
If you have website for review i can put 5 stars. Are you on tripodadvisor?

Hasse Wiersma  Holland

Hasee is fond of Chinese culture and has studied Chinese for 8 months in Holland, which is the reason why he has a Chinese name. He made a trip to Huangshan from July 17 to July 19 with his wife and 2 children. The family visited Huangshan and nearby old villages.

You can find more of his travelogue and stories in his blog visited by more than 1000 people per day:

June 22, 2014

Hi Johnson,

We are now actually all back in Sweden. We have been traveling all the time since Huangshan so I have not been able to answer before. We are all very happy with our driver Mr Xuan and with the way you organized the trip, and I will be happy to recommend your service to anybody.

As for the weather on the mountain we were actually very lucky. When we came up it was foggy, but in the late afternoon it cleared up and become very nice and in addition we were almost alone. Next day, we met huge crowds on their way up, and the fog was coming back again.


Martin   Sweden

Martin and his family (7 people in total) came to Huangshan in the middle of June from Shanghai. They also visited the UNESCO world cultural heritage site of Hongcun and Nanping villages. The services we provided include train ticket booking, hotel reservation and private ground transportation. Since Martin speaks some Chinese, the family did the trip on their own.

June 8, 2014

Hello Johnson,

We appreciated a lot the tour and especially the kind and efficient service provided by Alex. He paid a particular attention to our comfort and our expectations.

He is the best guide we had so far in China.

The Huangshan are terrific. Even if the weather was not perfect we could enjoy the views.

Best regards,

Nassim   France

Nassim and his three friends (all French and 2 of them were ladies) took Huangshan Hiking Tour near the end of May. Our guide, Alex, accompanied the group throughout their trip. We are really glad since they enjoyed the tour.

May 7, 2014

Hi David,

I want to thank you for your trip organisation. We were very pleased with it and we enjoyed very much the huangshan region.

My nephew, in cc of this mail, may contact you in order to organize another trip.

Thank you again.

Best regards.

Nadine Jacquemet   France

This time, Nadine asked us to book soft sleepers from Huangshan to Shanghai and a dormitory with 7 bunk beds up Huangshan mountains.

April 21, 2014

Hi Johnson,

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful trip you arrange for my son and daughter in law while they were in Huangshan. I realize that as much as you may have wanted to, you had no control over the weather, but regardless, they had a wonderful time and were very happy they took the time to go to Huangahsn.

Since we live in Shanghai now, we are planning on traveling throughout China. How do I contact other CITS offices in other destinations we are planning on visiting? Since we had such a good experience working with you, we would like to make arrangements for other trips via CITS as well.


Sarah   USA

Sarah, an American citizen living in Shanghai, contacetd us to arrange the above tour for his son and daughter-in-law who have never been to China before. Her remarks in her email touch us deeply: "I think mothers are the same all over the world. We worry about our kids no matter how old they are."

February 28, 2014

Hi Johnson,

Back to NYC already and busy too. My experience at Huangshan was good and smooth enough if considered as my vacation, thanks to Emily's assistance and help.

TKS again,

Howard   USA

As a amateur photographer, Howard stayed up Huangshan for 3 night. We are sure he did some great shots there. His trip also included a few century-old villages, among which is Hongcun, a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. Howard also enjoyed his time with Emily, our English-speaking guide.

October 17, 2013

Johnson --Great tour. Jean took very good care of us.Tour was the highlight of our China trip. Thanks again for setting this up for us --Jack

Jack Keith   USA

Jack and his wife's trip included visiting the ancient villages of Hongcun and Mukeng, and, of course, Huangshan mountains.

October 12, 2013

Dear Johnson,
I hope you have enjoyed your trip.
Thank you very much for your interest. We are already at home. We enjoyed a lot our trip to Huangshan, the mountains are very interesting and people very nice, and to the old villages just like all our trip to China.
Best regards,
Pedro   Spain

Pedro and his five friends (should be all over 50-year-old) visited Huangshan and old UNESCO world heritage old villages near Huangshan in September. The brave people did all the tour on their own, only needing our service in hotel booking and private transportation. We are surely glad since they enjoyed their trip in Huangshan.

August 27, 2013

Hi Johnson

Yes, it all went well, and we had a successful trip overall.

On reflection the only weak point I think was the food on the mountain.  Our dinner was very disappointing in the hotel on the mountain, and in the 'tour guide canteen' at the end of the walk. The food quality in the hotel down the mountain was good, but there was little atmosphere.

Alex was an excellent guide, and got us to explore a lot more of the mountain than I would have thought possible, which of course was the main purpose.


Duncan   Britain

It was the first time for Duncan and his friend to visit China and understand this country. We picked them up in a Hangzhou Hotel on August 12 and drive them all the way to Huangshan. We also booked for them flight tickets from Huangshan to Shanghai at the end of their tour. We agree with him in terms of food quality up Huangshan. On the other hand, this photo may explain some of the reasons:

August 25, 2013

Hi Johnson,

Thanks for your email. I am now in Singapore for business.

My son lost his wallet in Shanghai, but overall the trip was very satisfying and ran so smoothly.

At beginning, we were a bit worry about the transport and pick up, but we were very surprise after long delay of flight from Beijing to Huangshan, we found that the Tour guide - Emily was still at the airport to pick us up at 3.00AM. She was the best Tour guide we had and we enjoyed it vey much guided by her along Huangshan.

I will recommend CITS to all my friends here in Indonesia for China tour.

So keep it up Johnson and wish you more success in Travel Business.

Best regards,

Husin Wibawa  Indonesia

Husin, his wife and 2 sons, one is a college undergraduate currently studying electronic engineering in Germany and another is a high school student in Indonesia, flew to Beijing on August the 2nd. Their trip lasted for ten days and covered Beijing, Huangshan, Guilin and Shanghai. Huangshan CITS made all the arrangements for the family.

August 5, 2013

Dear Johnson,

Yes, the private transport was going smoothly. The Huangshan tour was excellent! Rain Liu really performed her duty professionally. Please send our regards and compliment to her.


See Chiun Woey  Malaysia

Upon request of See and his other 2 friends, we arranged, after their 3-day Huangshan tour, including ancient village of Hongcun, private transfer from Huangshan to Hangzhou airport where they would take flight to their next destination.

July 25, 2013

Hi Johnson,

The transfer was perfect. We made it in 4.5 hours. The driver and car were excellent. Thank you so much for arranging an excellent trip for us. John was perfect - the kids loved him and my wife is thankful for him taking care of her dietary needs. Please let me know if you'd like me to write an online review and i'll be more than happy to.

Hope to visit again soon.


Srini   U.S.

Srini, his wife, both Indian Americans working in Singapore now, and 2 lovely kids - one 7 and another 5 years old, made a trip to Huangshan and old villages from July 17 to July 20. We transferred the family to Shanghai in the end of their tour.

July 9. 2013

Dear Johnson,            

Huangshan is a remarkable sight to behold for people of all races. I have been to Himalayas, French Alps, Italian Alps, Canadian Rockies and NZ mountains, and am still astounded by Huangshan.

Parents are very happy with Joseph for all his care and patience.

Beyond the frightful experience with Tibetan Ma, l'enfant terrible, your agency has been most competent and helpful in most aspects. Both Kenny and I feel that Ma Is more suited to be a yakuza, and cannot be entrusted with tourist handling. 

Thank you for all the wonderful arrangements.

Linda and Kenny   Singapore

Linda and her husband, Kenny paid a visit to Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan and Huangshan in Anhui together with their parents, one of them has a knee problem. We really sorry that the family encountered a terrible Tibetan driver in Jiuzhaigou, whose manner and performance is just unacceptable. However, the family had a wonderful experience in Huangshan.

June 3, 2013

Hi Johnson

I'm sorry you beat me to an email!

Yes, thank you, we are fully recovered - although I'm not sure recovery was really required.  We really enjoyed our trip despite some very wet and misty weather up the mountain - I might have been dispirited were I not Scottish and used to such conditions!  We were very wet a lot of the time but did get a few wonderful glimpses of mountain.  The advantage of the bad weather was very little competition from others on the trails to Fairy Walking Bridge and the Xihai Canyon loops which were stunning.  I think we made the most of our time and did as much walking as we could but we would love to come back in another season to see it again.

Nina was an excellent and friendly guide and we will certainly recommend her to anyone coming your way.  And thank you for all your help - you have been very thorough and helpful throughout.

My only minor criticism is that the driver (who was a perfectly competent driver) was completely confused by being asked to buy the cable car tickets down for another day and we wasted a good half hour while he phoned and bought and returned tickets a number of times.  In the end it was easier just to do it ourselves.  Everything else worked out very well though.

We will be sure to contact you if we make it back to Huangshan.



Janet, a British, and her husband, an American, are both working in Hongkong. It was brave of them to hike all the way up Huangshan from the western steps, the most challenging section. They spent 2 nights up Huangshan on their own until they got down the mountain and had a guide with them to visit the old villages.

May 4, 2013

Hi Johnson,

We just arrived this morning in Jakarta.
The guide Mr Joe is very good, we enjoyed the tour even very tired.
We appreciated your arrangement for Huangshan Tour.
We will recommend CITS to our friends if they want go to Huangshan.

Thank you and success follow you.

Kind regards,
Arief Santoso

Consisting of 10 people, Arief's group basically followed China Paradise Tour, but with a few modifications. For instance, they chose to stay up Huangshan for 2 nights instead of one night. We hope our clients would be recovered soon after the 11 days tour in East China, including Huangshan.

April 9, 2013

Good afternoon Johnson, 

Yes we are back, in fact it's now been several weeks of solid catch-up.  Typically the case after I've been away, but reassuring though that our design practice is busy at the moment.  It's a time when some aren't, as the economy in Australia is still quite patchy.  

So finally some feedback - 

We travel overseas every year always arranging all our bookings and travel directly.  Being our first trip to China we had some language difficulties.  We decided to seek the services of a travel agent in Huangshan hoping to find superior local knowledge, rather than an Australian Chinese travel agent.  We found your company on-line and with no references, we did have a little apprehension to make our bookings in this way.  Once we received your call to confirm the travel details, we were much comforted.

Whilst we had chosen our itinerary and accommodation and were simply seeking assistance with bookings & transport; the service of your company gave much more than expected.  We were delighted with the level of service; and that you and Nina took so much time when we arrived to review all the details, even to offer additional suggestions & information about each destination.  

Every driver was always waiting ahead of time to collect us, ensuring we were never concerned.  Then Nina our guide provided much more than we expected.  Again she offered suggestions and was always accommodating with our timing and changes of plans.  She spent time with each of us along the way, so we were able to get to know something of life in China and have every question answered.  Nina is both charming and professional, always being sensitive to our interests and comfort, coping easily with the differing ambitions of each of our group.

Simply, our experience with the staff of CITS Huangshantour gave us a significantly better experience, than if we had travelled any other way.  We all hope that we can return to your region again and will happily recommend your services to anyone considering the wonderful region of Huangshan.  Our time there was wonderful and a highlight of our trip.

Please pass on our thanks to Nina and each of the drivers. Our thanks to you for your most professional service.

Kind regards, 

Stuart Jackson

Stuart, an Australian engaged in commercial interior design, paid a visit to Huangshan with his family near the end of March, 2013. It was actually the first time for him to ask a local travel agent for assistance in arranging a trip overseas. We really feel happy that their trip turned out a enjoyable and delightful one.

Feburary 19, 2013

Dear Johnson,

I am not yet back in Switzerland but in Shanghai. another week of work before I head home.

The trip to Huangshan and the old villages was great. Thank you once again for organising everything for us with such short notice!

I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Best regards and Greetings from the Snowwhite Shanghai

Claudia Honegger   Switzerland
Project Manager Finance and Controlling
Sulzer Metco Shanghai
666 Min Bei Road, Shanghai 201107

Claudia and her girl friend visited Huangshan and ancient villages from Fuburary 11-14 during the Chinese lunar new year. Actually she had been recommended by her friend to contact Huangshan CITS. 

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