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Hebei Province

Location: Lying on the North China Plain 

Area: 187,700 sq km 

Climate: The province has a temperate continental monsoon climate, which varies greatly due to its vastness, and most of the territory has clear-cut seasons. Its annual sunshine time is 2400-3100 hours. annual frost-free period 120-200 days. annual precipitation 300-800mm, annual average temperature 0 degree to 13 degree.

Map of Hebei

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Provincial Capital: Shijiazhuang 

Population: 67,44 millions (March 2001)

Ethnic Groups: The population of Han nationality accounts for 96% of the total; the rest is composed of people from 53 minority nationalities including Manchu, Hui Mongolian,Zhuang, Korean, Miao, Tujia, etc, 

Major Cities: Cangzhou; Chengde; Qinhuangdao (Including Beidaihe and Shanhaiguan); Tangshan; Baoding; Zhangjiakou 

Agriculture: Eastern Hebei Province is a flat, alluvial plain on which grow luxuriant crops of wheat, cotton, corn, paddy, tobacco, peanut and sesame. In the western part is the rugged Taihang Mountain Area which, besides producing wheat and other cereal crops, also grows walnut, persimmon, date and a wide variety of fruit.

Industry: Located in northeastern Hebei Province not far northeast of the great port of Tianjin is the Kailuan Coal Mines, one of the major coal producers in China. Sizable reserves of oil, iron and other deposits have also been found in the province. Petroleum are tapped on quite a scale in the Renqiu Area in southeastern Hebei Province.

As one of the famous provinces, which are rich of Cultural relics in China, Hebei has numerous historical sites and scenic spots dotted over the land. There are three world heritage sites, five national famous historical and cultural cities, and more than 670 sites of historical and cultural interests which are under key protection at or above the provincial level. Major cultural relics and historical remains include the Mountain Resort and its outlying imperial temples in Chengde, Eastern and western Imperial Tombs of the Qing Dynasty, the Great Wall at Jinshanling, Shanghaiguan and Laolongtou sections. Hebei also possesses multiplex landscapes such as seashores, plains, lakes, mountains and plateau, as well as most diversified natural scenery. There are two out of national top ten scenic spots, five national scenic resorts and nine national forest parks in the province. Major tourist attractions are Beidaihe Beach in Qinhuangdao, Baiyangdian scenic resort, known as "the Bright Pearl of North China", Bashang Grassland, Cangyan Mountain, Tiangui Mountain and Yesanpo Scenic Area.

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