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Tianjin Municipality

Location: Located from 38 degree 34` to 40 degree 15` for north latitude and from 116 degree 43` to 118 degree 4` for east longitude, it's at the Northeast of North China and the lower reaches of the Haihe River.

Area: 11,919.7 sq km.

Climate: The climate in Tianjin is warm, semi humidity, semi dry and monsoon with typical features of the warm temperature zone. The average temperature in the whole year is 12.3 degree centigrade.The annual waterfall is 561.3 millimeters.

Map of Tianjin

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Provincial Capital: Tianjin

Population: 10.01 millions (March 2001) 

Ethnic Groups: There are 22 ethnic groups in tianjin.

Agriculture: The city increased investment in agriculture, strengthened the scientific basement, increased basic construction of irrigation works, speeded up the progress of agriculture industrial modernization. The gross agriculture product was 15.314 billion yuan, up by 5.7% than previous year, of farming 9.414 billion yuan, up by 4.9%; of animal husbandry 4.264 billion yuan, up by 7.7%; of fishery 1.532 billion yuan, up by 5.9%.

Industry: The industry in Tianjin have had a great development after founding of the People's Republic of China, especially after the reform and open to the outside world. Now, an industry system including 180 categories, 36 large enterprises of the pillar industries in machinery, electronics, chemical industry and metallurgy has been formed. There are 12000 industry enterprises in Tianjin with Gross National Product (GNP)RMB Y 283.821 billion which is 4 times compared with that in 1990.

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