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Heilongjiang Province

Location: Heilongjiang province is located in the northern frontier of China.

Area: 469,000 square kilometers 

Climate: Heilongjiang Province is located between the temperate and the frigid zones with continental monsoon climate, the yearly average temperature of which is fluctuating from minus 4 to 4 degrees centigrade.

Map of Hilongjiang

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Provincial Capital: Harbin 

Population: 36.89 millions (March 2001) 

Ethnic Groups: Besides the Han nationality, there are Man, Hui, Korea, Mongolian and Hezhent nationality etc. Totally 49 different ethnic groups.

Agriculture: Heilongjiang, one of the country's most important commodity grain production bases, occupies first place both in the volume of commodity grains and storage. The province's total grain output was 31.045 million tons in 1997, hitting a record high. Its farming, forestry, livestock and fishery industries contributed 50 billion yuan (US$6 billion)of value-added last year. The province's annual output and export of soy beans rank first in the country. Its exports of soy beans make up two thirds of the country's total. The province's output of flax, beet and flue-cured tobacco also stand in the front row in the country. The province's amount of milch cows, output of milk and dairy products possess first place in the country.

Industry: At present, the province's coal mining, timber felling and transport, petroleum recovering, machinery and chemical, food, textile and light industries have possessed fairly large-scale production capacities. The province mainly produces crude oil, timber, large generating facilities, freight trains, metallurgical equipment, tools and measuring tools, mini and light motor vehicles and heavy building machines, whose output ranks first in the country and 90 per cent of the total products are transferred to other parts of the country.

Heilongjiang has abundant characteristic tourism resources. Its spots for ice and snow activities are the best in China. Snow-skiing period in the province lasts 120-140 days in a year. In mountainous area, snow on the ground can be 100-300 cm deep and it's of good quality.

Its unique history has also left it a rich cultural legacy and colorful customs. The Bohai State during the Tang Dynasty, the ruins of the Jin-dynasty capital in Huining and the ruins of Longquan Mansion are among those of historical interest.

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