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Jiangsu Province

Location: Jiangsu, an eastern Chinese province, has over 1000-kilometer coast along the Yellow Sea.

Area: 74.38 millions (March 2001) 

Climate: Jiagnsu province locates in the middle latitudes with an annual average temperature of 13.5ºC and annual rainfall of 800-1200mm. The frost-free period is 200-240 days. The climate here is damp and four seasons are clear.

Map of Jiangsu

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Provincial Capital: Nanjing 

Population: 74.38 millions (March 2001) 

Ethnic Groups: The Han nationality accounts for 96.5% of the total,The other ethnic groups are Hui, Man, and Mongolian etc.

Agriculture: With merely 4.7% of the national arable land, Jiangsu produces 7% of grains, 12% of cotton, 7% of oilseeds and 8% of meat of China. The principal food crops are rice and wheat, supplemented by barley, maize, soybean and potatoes; the major cash crops consist primarily of cotton and rape seeds, as well as sesame and tobacco. There are also vegetables, gourds and fruits etc. The provincial production of silks, fishery products, livestock also plays an important role in China.

Industry: In line with the process of economic development, Jiangsu will continuously spur and expand its four pillar industries, i.e. machinery, electronic, chemicals and automobile during the 9th Five-year Plan period. Industries above mentioned have enjoyed large markets and high market share. These industries had obvious advantages and characteristics not only in their production quantity, but also in their products quality, technology-exploitation, creative ability and sales system.

Jiangsu is known as a prosperous province found at the east coast of China. It is a fertile land is blessed with plenty of lakes and rivers that flow to the Yellow Sea just at the east of this province. This province is so rich in culture; it has already been a province for several Chinese dynasties back. Nanjing is has also been the province's capital for a very long time.

There are so many places of interest that can be found in Jiangsu. The Yangtze River Bridge is an impressive structure that was constructed during the communist times which offers a terrific view of the Yangtze River. The Purple Mountain is a spectacular sight: its peaks are often covered with purplish clouds during sunset and sunrise. The Suzhou city is a great tourist attraction that is often visited for its intricate gardens.

Classical gardens have been a local obsession in Suzhou for centuries, and a set of distinctive design principles lie behind the city's elegant gardens. Suzhou's gardens' differ quite dramatically from many gardens in the West - they are neither like the grand geometric gardens of France, nor the rambling, semi-natural gardens of England and America. And unlike Western gardens, flower beds and statues are rarely seen. Instead, Suzhou classical gardens combine trees and shrubs with ponds, buildings, and rocks to create a array of scenes meant to evoke the atmosphere of nature.

There are also some sad remindes of this province's past. Near the Purple Mountain are some mausoleums: the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, in dedication to the two great leaders of China. The Nanjing Massacre memorial is a painful reminder of the massive "rape of Nanking" by the Japanese troops. Jiangsu has really a lot to offer, mostly on its past history - and this is something that is indeed worth learning.

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