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Anhui Province

Location: Anhui Province is situated in the northwest of East China across the basins of the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River.

Area: 130,000 square kilometers 

Climate: Warm-temperate, semi-humid, monsoonal climate north of the Huaihe River, with frequent spring droughts and summer floods; subtropical, humid, monsoonal climate in the south; clear-cut seasons; plum rains between spring and summer, sometimes followed by summer droughts.

Map of Anhui

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Provincial Capital: Hefei 

Population: 59.86 millions (March 2001) 

Ethnic Groups: Han, Hui, and She 

Major Cities: Huangshan; Bengbu; Tongling; Ma'anshan 

Agriculture: Benefitting from the mild climate, Anhui Province is rich with agricultural resources and products, and possesses 64 million mu of farmland, 62 million mu of forest land and 8 million mu of aquatic farm. Many Anhui's agruicultural products are famous both at home and abroad including: grapes, pears, pomegranates, green tea (Huang Shan), black tea (Keemum), crab, bull, Fuyang yellow cow, Dingyuan pig, silver fish (Chaohu lake) and white goose of Luan.

Industry: The major provincial minerals are coal and iron. The coal field extends from Guzhen in the east to Yingshang in the west and from Huainan in the south to Xisoxian in the north. This is a vast area and its reserves come out first in East China.

Anhui is full of abundant tourism resources in China. There are not only beautiful natural scenes, but also such man-made cultural sights with Chinese characteristics as Buddhism, Taoism and Hui culture which are time-honored. Yellow Mountain and the ancient villages in Xidi and Hongcun in Yi County are ranked among the World Heritage List by UNESCO. Anhui's possession of the relics on the list wins the third place in the whole country. Moreover, Yellow Mountain is the world cultural heritage, the world natural relic, as well as the world geological park.

Anhui's possession of 9 national level key scenic spots, including Yellow Mountain, Jiuhua Mountian, Tianzhu Mountain, Langya Mountain, Qiyun Mountain, Caishi, Chaohu and Xin'an River etc., is ranked the ninth in the whole country.

City Guide of Anhui Province
Hefei Huangshan Mountain Hongcun - World Heritage Site
Jiuhua Buddhist Mountain Qiyun Daoist Mountain Tangyue Memorial Archways
Chengkan Village Tunxi Old Street Xin'an River
Taiping Lake Xucun Village Guniujian Nature Reserve
Langya Mountain Tianzhu Mountain Chaohu Lake
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