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Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Location: Situated on China's northern frontier.

Area: 1,183,000 sq km 

Climate: Inner Mongolia, with a temperate continental monsoon climate, has a cold, long winter with frequent blizzards and a warm, short summer. Except for the relatively humid Greater Hinggan Mountain area, the greater part of Inner Mongolia is, from west to east, arid, semi-arid and semi-humid.

Map of Inner Mongolia

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Provincial Capital: Hohhot 

Population: 23.76 millions (March 2001) 

Ethnic groups: Mongol, Han, Duar, Ewenki, Hui, Manchu and other ethnic groups 

Agriculture: Inner Mongolia is a major stockbreeding center known for its Sanhe Horses, Sanhe Oxen and fine wool sheep. Apart from wheat, oat, millet, sorghum, maize, potato and rice, a wide range of cash crops are grown, including soy beans, linseed, rapeseed, castor-oil plants and sugar-beets. The Greater Hinggan range makes up one-sixth of the country's total timber reserves.

Industry: The region has large deposits of iron, chromium, copper, lead, zinc, gold, mica stitle and mirabilite. Founded in many parts of Inner Mongolia is coal, the reserves of which total 198.2 billion tons -- second largest in China those of Shanxi Province. Coal is mined in four large open-cut mines and other collieries. Huge quantities of it are turned into electric current at thermal power plants and carried by high-voltage transmission lines to North and Northeast China.

Inner Mongolia, a tract of beautiful, fertile land, was the first minority autonomous region in China founded on May 1, 1947. It has a population of 22.84 million, with 49 ethnic groups, of which 3.7 million are the Mongolians, and more than 800,000 others. Inner Mongolia is richly abundant with natural resources. It has 880,000 square kilometers of pasturelands, making up 10 percent of the nation's total; There are approximately 1,000 rivers and 10 lakes; It has over 1,000 species of plants, 93 species of fish, 362 species of birds, and 114 species of animals, 49 species of which are under State and the autonomous region's protection.

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