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Jiangxi Province

Location: Jiangxi Province lies on the southern bank of the Yangtze River's lower and middle sections.

Area: 166,900 sq km

Climate: Jiangxi has a sub-tropical climate, warm and humid. It has a mean annual temperature of 16º--20ºC, increasing from north to south, and a mean annual precipitation of 1,300-200 mm. Nanchang is one of the hottest cities in China.

Map of Jiangxi

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Provincial Capital: Nanchang 

Population: 41.40 millions (March 2001) 

Ethnic Groups: Besides the Han nationality which accounts for 99% of the total, there are Hui, She, bai, Yi, Li, etc. 38 different ethnic groups in total.

Agriculture: With a developed farming sector, Jiangxi is one of the country's major grain producers. Rice, its major crop, accounts for 80 percent of the total acreage sown to grain crops. Its cash crops include rapeseed, sugar-canes, cotton, tea, and fruit. The tiny seedless tangerines of Nanfeng are well known both on the domestic and international markets. There are dense forests and bamboo groves in the mountains on the borders. The Poyang lake is a huge natural fish pond.

Industry: Jiangxi is rich in mineral resources. The tungsten of southern Jiangxi is known throughout the world. The northeast and northwest have large copper deposits, the best-known copper mine being Dexing. Jiangxi is one of the southern provinces with large coal deposits. Its other minerals include iron, lead, zinc, molybdenum, niobium, rock stitle, and pottery clay. The porcelains of Jingdezhen, a city with a long porcelain-making history, are much sought after on the world market.

Jiangxi has beautiful landscapes with green mountains and clear waters. The major scenic spots include: Mount Lushan, Jinggang Mountain, Longhu (Dragon and Tiger) Mountain, Sanqing Mountain, Poyang Lake, Wuyuan County and the cities of Nanchang and Jingdezhen which has been known as the capital of porcelain in China for centuries.

Mount Lushan has been listed as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. Together with Jinggang and Sanqing mountains, it offers charming peaks and quiet valleys.

Guifeng Peak and Dragon Palace are noted for their precipitous cliffs and deep caves. The landscapes of Poyang Lake and Ganjiang River are attractive while ancient temples at Longhu Mountain, Qingyuan and Donglin attract visitors with unique religious architectures.

Other scenic attractions or sites of historical interest include Tengwang Tower, Bajing Terrace, the former residences of historical nobilities in Linchuan and Jiujiang, headquarters of the Red Army on Jinggang Mountain, Memorial Museum of Nanchang Uprising and Ruijin, the first capital of the Communist administration in China.

The northern Jiangxi triangle tourism zone comprising Nanchang, Lushan Mountain, Jiujiang, Poyang Lake and Longhu Mountain is one of the 14 major international tour routes in China. The province has 11 cultural relics put under state protection and 2,406 of its scenic spots or tourism areas have been registered as major provincial projects.

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