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Fujian Province

Location: Situated on the southeast China coast, Fujian Province is separated by a 180-km strait from Taiwan, the largest island in China

Area: 121,400 sq km

Climate: Fujian has a sub-tropical climate, warm and humid. There is distinct difference in climate between north and south, coastal and inland regions, and valleys and mountains. It has an annual temperature of 17º--21ºC and an annual precipitation of 1,100-2,000 mm, both increasing from northwest to southeast. Typhoons occur frequently from July to September.

Map of Fujian

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Provincial Capital: Fuzhou 

Population: 34.71 millions (March 2001) 

Ethnic groups: Han, and the She, Hui and Gaoshan ethinic groups.

Major Cities: Xiamen; Zhangzhou

Agriculture: Fujian's food grain includes mainly rice, sweet potatoes and wheat, and cash crops mainly sugar-cane, peanuts, rapeseed and tobacco. Fujian is one of China's major sugar-cane and tea growers. The Wuyi Mountain Area is famous for its tea. Tangerines, Longans, lichees, bananas, loquats and pineapples are the major fruit of Fujian. Aquaculture is developed along the coast. Tong'an Conty is famous for its lancelets, a rare species of fish, and Pingtan for its laver, a sea vegetable.

Industry: Fujian is rich in coal, iron, tungsten, copper, molybdenum, lead, zinc and rare earth. Shoushan is known for its stone carving, Fuzhou for its bodiless lacquerware and Dehua for its procelain.

Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, three principal religions in the world, have a considerable influence in Fujian. Of the 142 major Buddhist temples in China, 14 are in Fujian. The Qingjing Mosque in the city of Quanzhou is one of the earliest Muslim structures in the country. More than eight million overseas Chinese and foreign citizens of Chinese origin come from Fujian. Eighty percent of those now living in Taiwan have their ancestral homes in the province. There are also nearly one million Fujianese residing in Hong Kong and Macao.

Known as a mountanous province in southeastern China, Fujian boasts of famous mountains that rise abruptly above the ground and charming mountain peaks that stand one after another. The Wuyi, Qingyuan, and Tailao mountains, Gulangyu Islet, and Wanshi Crag have found their way into the list of major scenic areas in China. Moreover, the province has over 3,300 kilometers of coastlines, 1,400 islands, and several hundred bays and beaches.

Fujian is known for its Wulong Tea and narcissus. The Fujian cuisine is one of China's eight major cooking styles. The local stone carvings, bodiless lacquenvare, cork patchwork, and other handicrafts are much sought after by tourists.

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