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July 17, 2007

Hi David,

We are back from China and had been resting from the jet lag and flu.We really enjoyed our trip to Huangshan and would like to thank Rose Chang for her helpfulness. Is there anyway my wife can contact her by email or address?

Best regards,

Yuen-Kiat Woo

June 27, 2007


I wanted to send a brief note to thank you for providing great service. Tony is a very good guide and Mr. Wang is a very helpful driver. I really enjoyed the trip to Hong Cun village and Huang Shan. I've already told a few of my friends about your company, so you might get some more visitors from Guangzhou some day!

Best Regards,

Mark Griffie  United States

June 18, 2007

Hi Johnson,

We did enjoy ourselves although we were caught in the rain on the 3rd day. Thanks for appointing Jerry as the tour guide too.

Thanks and Regards,

Doreen Lim  Singapore

April 14, 2007

Hi Johnson,

We are back in Beijing and will be here for another week or so. Thank you for making the travel arrangments for Huangshan. We are very happy to have Miss Wu with us. She helped to make the trip much easier and enjoyable. We all love the experience and will likely to return again in the near future. I also particularly appreciate your help in planning the trip for us. It is usually hard to deal with someone you never met on the internet. You have been very flexible and responsive to our request, which made the experience so much easier.


Su Lin  Connecticut, Canada

Feburary 10, 2007

Hello Mr Johnson,

Rita has already told you that we had a good time on our holiday, and that our Guide and Driver were really helpful. There was no problem at all for us regarding train travel. The trains were busy, but with a soft sleeper we were able to wait in the special waiting room, and so it was very easy to then board the train. We had good companions in our carriage each time, and people were very helpful and friendly.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our China experience, and are very sorry to leave, even though we are very happy to be returning to our families. Thank you for your help with our travel.


Lauris Australia

January 6, 2007

Dear Mr Johnson,

Firstly I would like to thank you for your delighful hospitality on Thursday evening.  The meal was delicious and it was very nice to try some of the local specialities such as the fried noodles.  It was also very pleasant to meet Kenny whom Rita and Lauris had spoken about.

I cannot find the right words to thank you for the very beautiful chicken-blood stone.  It was completely unexpected and so, a delightful surprise.  I will treasure it for the memories it will bring back of Huangshan and Tunxi.

Secondly, I want to again express my thanks to Alice for bravely continuing on when she did not feel so well.  Nothing was too much trouble for her to arrange and I appreciated her arranging the trip to the ink-block factory and the tea shop visit.

I have spoken to Rita and Lauris and we will meet tomorrow (Sunday) evening to discuss the dates and the trip itinerary.  I will email you on Monday.  They were very pleased to hear that I had met you and just disappointed that they had not been able to do the same.  They pass on their regards to you and also to Kenny.

My regards to Kenny also.

Thank you for arranging such a very special trip in the Huangshan area.


Barbara  Australia

p.s. I had a very pleasant night on the train and slept well.

November 11, 2006

Hello Johnson,

I wanted to thank you for arranging such a great day.My friend and I had a wonderful time seeing the sights in Huang Shan and Mr. Yan did a terrific job taking care of us and getting us to the train station.

I'll be sure to pass on your name and information to friends traveling to  Huang Shan.

Do you make arrangements for people traveling in other parts of China, or just the Huang Shan area?

Thanks again!

June 23, 2006

Hello Johnson,

The family and I arrived back in the States a couple of hours ago. The unanimous decision is that the trip to Huangshan was absolutely first rate. John Wu is an incredible guide and we could not be more pleased. We certainly will be recommending your company to all of our friends who are planning a China trip. All the best,

David B. Campbell 1026 Woodside Dr. Napa, CA 94558

May 25, 2006

Dear Johnson,

Thank you for your email.  We really enjoyed Huangshan and hope to return in the near future to do it in the winter time since I heard the snow covered mountains are also very beautiful.

I think we could have hiked more and perhaps Jerry felt we would be tired after the first day but we would have liked to hike into the newly open canyon.  If Jerry had checked on what we wanted to do and not assumed that we were tired; it would have been better.  We are in decent shape and that was the main reason for the hike.  However, having said that, he was a good guide and concerned for our welfare and safety.

Also, we would  have liked to stay at the last hotel for all 3 nights instead of splitting 2 nights in one and 1 night in the other.  They are very near to each other and of course the last hotel was the nicest.

Best Regards,
Minnie United States

April 26, 2006

Dear Johnson Yeh,

Thanks for your message.
Yes we are back to France and the first days have been very busy.
We have had a very good time in China.
We shall probably come again because we can assume that our son will stay a few
years in China after his training course.
I shall recommend your agency.

Best Regards.
May be Arthur will visit Huangshan mountains next week with friends.
Geoffroy, France

Dear Johnson,

Thank you for all of your help! We had a wonderful time while in Huangshan!!!


Glen Rosser    Australia

Dear Johnson,

Thank you for sending that to us - we enjoyed our trip tremendously and Yellow Mountain was a highlight!  Thank you for being such a terrific guide!

Mary Wheeler    United States

Hi Johnson,

I am back in Hanover. Thanks again for all your help. I wrote already to the travel agent ONEWORLD because of my proposal visiting besides Shanghai also the HuangShan Mountains with my workshop group on October. It would be great if you could send me the cost proposal for a group of say 8 people for 2 nights on HuangShan. So I can talk details with them.

Karl Johaentges    Germany

Hi Johnson!

As I mentioned to you earlier, I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful tour management that you coordinated of the Huangshan and Guilin areas.

All aspects of the trip were so carefully planned out yet with enough flexibility and creativity that maximized the photo opportunities for me.

Both guides coincidentally named David were very professional and thoughtful in selecting appropriate places and times that enabled me to capture some beautiful scenes.

The hotels and meals were wonderful, and I enjoyed tasting new Chinese cuisine including snake wine, snake meat, and snake bones.

Thank you for the dinner treat which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Best of all, it was such a pleasure to meet you in person. I could not believe that you were able to customize such a fabulous photographic experience for me at such short notice.

And the cost of the trip was about half of what I saw of another company.  What your company offers is top-notch!  Unbeatable value!

You can be sure that I have and will recommend your company to my friends, and I am looking forward to working with you in the near future to travel to more places coordinated by the master travel coordinator Johnson Yeh!  Three cheers...yeah, yeah, yeah for Johnson Yeh!

Joanne Yamauchi, Ph.D. United States

Dear Johnson,

We had a lovely time in China! We travelled quite a lot (Beijing, Shanghai, Huangshan, Hong Kong), but feel that we have seen so little and there are still so many cities and sights to visit. We hope to return to China and discover more some time in the future.

Thank you again for all your kind and very efficient help in arranging for our trip to the Huangshan Mountain and to Honcun and Xidi villages. Without your assistance I am sure we would not have been able to spend such a memorable time in the area.

Attached are three photos Tamas took in the mountain and in Honcun, we hope you like them.

Best wishes,
Tamas and Marta   Budapest

March 31, 2005

Dear Johnson,

We have been back to Hong Kong safely on 29 March. Thanks very much for your arrangements making our trip a wonderful and unforgettable one. Please also convey our gratitude to Mr Huang for his good service.

Selina   Hongkong  

June 18, 2005

Dear Jonshon,
Thank you for your email. I arrived in Singapore last night. Our Huangshan trip was enjoyable. Thanks for your patience and efforts in helping to ensure that we have a smooth trip in Huangshan.
Take care,
Bear Chow   Singapore 

October 10, 2004

Dear Johnson,

I would like to thank you for planning a very special time in Huangshan.
Too, for all the care and attention you gave Lois and me. I know you spent a lot of time arranging everything.

Too, the driver was excellent. Not only was he a good driver, he watched out for us on several occasions.

I hope many people are able to enjoy your services.


Terin Smith    United States

June 28, 2004

Dear Johnson

Yes, we were busy as we just got back from Naples,Italy the other week.

Anyway, I want to thank you for a wonderful arranged trip to Huangshan.

All of us has fond memories and great experience up the beautiful mountain. Of course we cannot have done it without your excellent guide Mr Ding. He was such a friendly and accommodating person and allowed us to rest and basically do it at our own pace.

The food and hotel were all very well. It was a blessing we have listened to your advice and followed your guidance.

I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to you who wants a trip to Huangshan. If you need anything from myself, please feel free to ask.

On behalf of all of us, thank you and Mr Ding for providing us with such a safe and carefully planned trip.


Ben Chiew    Great Britain

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