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Exciting Shooting of Middle Kingdom

Day 1 Arrive in Beijing (D)
Welcome to China! We are met by our guide at the Beijing Capital Airport and check in Sino-swiss hotel for our next day morning flight to Haerbin. Time permitting, we'll visist Beihai Park. Overnight in sino-Swiss Hotel (4 star close to airport)

Day 2 Beijing - Harbin (B, L, D)
This morning we will take a morning flight to Harbin. Upon arrival our guide will meet us at airport. After check in our hotel and early lunch, we head to Zhaolin Park, The ice festival and ice lantern show renowned at home and abroad are held every winter here. When the night fell, the ice lanterns in the park combine light, sound and action in one, resplendent with a great variety of colors. The vivid and fanciful designs collect the beautiful scene in the world. By taking the nature-endowed advantage of ice and snow, and using modern science and technology, the wise and industrious people make a number of exquisitely-carved ice and snow art work in different forms and shapes. They are praised as three-dimensional paintings solidifying notes and colorful poems. The charming scenery makes visitors immerse in fantasies and forget to return home.

The snow festival is held every January 5th to the late February. Every year, new changes and surprises are presented before visitors, complimented as "the non-repetitive fairy tales". Overnight in Swan Hotel (4 str)

Day 3 Harbin (B, L, D)
Today we will visit Siberian Tiger Park, It is the largest natural park for wild Siberian tigers in the world at present. The park enjoys a favorable foundation for ecotourism and splendid scenery and it is an ideal place for holiday and leisure. There are over 500 purebred Siberian tigers here, with 100 visible to visitors. In addition, visitors can also see white tigers, lions, lynx, leopards, and black pumas as well as Bengali tigers.

Harbin Ice and Snow World is famous with its quantity--big enormous, massive ice sculptures. The world's largest amusement park devoted to ice and snow. This is spectacular at night. Closing time is 940pm. It can easily take two to three hours to see everything in this spectacle. The ground can be icy and slippery. Overnight in the same hotel

Day 4 Harbin to Beijing (B, L, D)
This day we will see the Winter swimming performance on Songhua River. Falling into an icy river in the middle of winter is known to induce rather immediate trauma - about 1 minute to hypothermia, then shock, followed by death. That calculation applies to normal mortals, but in Harbin, China's northernmost city.

Then we head to The Sun Island (Taiyangdao Gongyuan) is Harbin's most popular recreational spot for good reason. A collection of natural islands in the Songhua River just north of town makes this an ideal place for barbecues and picnics, swimming and relaxing during the summer months. In the frigid winter months, much of the river ices over creating a beautiful natural ice skating and hockey outdoor arena. Sledding, skiing and many other winter games are organized here by the local Harbinites. In the afternoon, we'll take flight back Beijing. Our Beijing Guide will meet us at Beijing International airport and then we hop into our waiting vehicle to begin our exploration of China's most famous city. Overnight in Xinqiao Hotel (4 star) or same level

Day 5 Beijing (B, L, D)
We drive outside Beijing to visit the Great Wall. Guarding Beijing's northwest, this part of the wall forms the major internal line of defense erected by the Ming Dynasty against Mongol invaders; hence its name, Longquanyu, or inner line wall. Here, the Great Wall snakes across mountaintops. Stubborn flowers, bushes and even small trees push up through fallen stones and crumbling mortar, as nature slowly reclaims the Wall. Upon our arrival, we enjoy a lovely picnic lunch at a tranquil farmhouse.

Our walk starts in a village at the foot of the Wall called Xiangtun (Fragrant Village). A local villager guides us on a short walk to the edge of a chestnut grove, sharing stories about village life in Xiangtun along the way. We then hike uphill through terraced chestnut groves to a wild section of the Wall - a site not frequented by tourists and that starkly reveals the isolation and loneliness of a border territory. Explore two or three of the watchtowers before hiking downhill to Longquanyu Village. We then make our way back to Xiangtun and head back City (2 hours drive).

The rest of the day we drive to go for a hike along the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. Take in views of the Wall snaking over the precipitous mountain ridges on the horizon. Overnight in the same hotel

Day 6 Beijing - Chendu (B, L, D)
Today we will take a morning flight to Chengdu. After our lunch in Chengdu, we drive directly to Ya'an city, the nearby city known as the birthplace of tea civilization and the cradle of tea culture. We have a walk around the older part of the city and stay in Hongzhu Hotel located in the outskirts of Ya'an.

If time permits, we visit the CCRCGP-Bifengxia Branch, followed by a ride the down a 26 story elevator to the bottom of spectacular Bifeng Gorge. We'll take a short, leisurely hike at the bottom of the gorge to take in views of the stream, waterfalls, and abundant plant life. Overnight in Hongzhu Hotel (local best)

Day 7 Bifengxia Panda Base/Chengdu (B, L, D)
In the morning, we depart for Bifengxia Panda Base, where we will visit the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP).

Established in 2003, the Bifengxia Panda Base is a preserve and research center, engaging in reproduction efforts and scientific research of these magnificent animals, as well as aiding in the rescue of rare and elusive wild pandas. The Base is also actively involved in outreach and education. This compound is divided into five major functional areas for feeding, breeding, scientific research, panda habitat, and administrative offices. The area's beautiful surroundings, favorable climate and luxuriantly green forest make this place an ideal spot for sightseeing, and support of the Base plays an incredibly important for the preservation of the giant panda. Today, the Base breeds nearly thirty giant pandas, and is the largest captive giant panda institution in the world. Nowadays, it is no longer possible to view pandas in the wild, but here we can get a close up look at pandas living close to nature.

Our visit to Bifengxia may also afford us the opportunity to enter a spacious outdoor enclosure with the pandas and interact with them. This optional activity is dependent upon the ages and conditions of the pandas at the time of our visit, but those who are lucky enough to have the chance to play with these rough-and-tumble creatures often describe this as one of the most memorable wildlife encounters of their lives. (Please note that the cost of this activity is not included in your trip price and must be paid on-site in the form of a donation to the Base.)

In the late afternoon, we drive back to Chengdu. En route, we pass through scenic countryside, and we stop in the old town of Shangli where we can have lunch and stretch our legs with a stroll through town. Shangli was once an important post on the Silk Road of the south and the ancient Tea-Horse Trail. Tonight's dinner highlights the spicy and bold flavors of local Sichuanese cuisine. After our Sichuan spicy dinner we catch a flight to Hangzhou. Overnight in Lake View Hotel (4 star)

Day 8 Hangzhou - Huangshan (B, L, D)
This morning we drive to Huangshan (3 hours).

After Lunch, we'll be driving for about 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the World Heritage Site of Mount Huangshan, one of China's most famously scenic mountain landscapes. With its imposing peaks, mysterious clouds, and ancient wind-sculpted pines, Huangshan has inspired painters and poets for centuries. The famed Chinese poet Li Po gave the range its name, Yellow Mountain, in 747 AD. The range has more than 70 peaks, most over 3,000 feet. We'll take the cable car up mountain from the Eastern Route, and then spend the whole day exploring the breathtaking scenery. Overnight in Beihai Hotel (4 star)

Day 9 Huangshan - Shanghai (B, L, D)
Huangshan is famed for its sunrises. Weather permitting, we should gaze upon a breathtaking sight this morning as the golden light of the sun pierces the mists. The mountain peaks rise above the clouds, and the light of sunrise illuminates a frothy, ever-changing sea of white clouds below. We can watch this spectacle from a viewing terrace a short distance from our hotel. After desending mountain by cable car, we drive for about one hour to visit the UNESCO world cultural heriage site - Hongcun. The 800-yer-old village offers visitors fabulous tradional residential houses dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties with beautiful wood carvings, stone carvins and wood carvings. We drive back to Tunxi, downtown of Huangshan city, in the late afternoon to visit the famed Old Street, center of the old town section.

After dinner in Huangshan City, we will catch evening flight to Shanghai. Overnight in Ruijin Hotel (4 star)

Day 10 Shanghai depart home (B)
Today we will depart home from Shanghai.

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