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April 23, 2009

Dear Johnson,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Yes, we have enjoyed our trip very much. Ellen is a great guide and the driver was also very good. Yes, the scenery is very different but very beautiful.

Thank you again for your flexibility and organisation of our trip.


Madeleine   Switzerland

April 21, 2009

Dear Johnson,

We had great experience at the yellow Montain and Hongcun Village.

Rose is an excellent guide. It was a pleasure to be with her during these 2 days.

I would recommend her and your company any time!


Anne   Germany

March 31, 2009

Hello Johnson,

additional to the praises of your service yesterday, here is a feedback about the tour to Huangshan which you may use as reference on your website (if you like):


Dear Sir,

please allow me to thank CITS Huangshan for their reliable and excellent service during our short 1.5 half day trip from Hangzhou to visit Huangshan Yellow Mountain in the end of March 2009.

You exceeded our expectations and met all imaginable requirements, for example the following:

+ The bus was in very good shape.
+ The driver (Mr. Jao) was very punctual and when we were early, we nevertheless never had to wait. Additionally he drove very safely.
+ The guide (Jerry) spoke very good English and found the right mixture of openess for suggestions of the group and own decisions based on his detailed knowledge of the area.
+ Tangkou Hotel had clean and modernly equipped rooms as well as a very satisfying breakfast.
+ Proposed restaurants were a good choice and presentation of local tea products was enjoyable.
+ During the preparation of the tour CITS Huangshan office was fastly reacting to all changes required by us. Communication was efficient and prompt.

Conclusion: I can highly recommend your service for tours in the Huangshan area.

Kind regards
Clemens Suerbaum, Munich, Germany


Best regards

March 18, 2009

Hi Johnson,

What about our know, we're very use to this kind of hiking, so no problem at all. I can't feel any pain or muscle ache.

Yes, we've been very lucky regarding the weather. We meet another couple and they didn't had the same luck than we. Overall it was a perfect trip, not only because of the weather. Therefore we'd like to thank you and your whole team for the very nice arrangement and time we had.

We for sure will recommend you and your team, also the guide Ellen, to our friends and relatives.

Thanks again for the great arrangements you did for us, I'm sure some moments and some impression will remain forever in our mind :-)

We wish you, your family and your team all the best for the future.

Kind regards

Rahel & Philipp   Switzerland  

January 5, 2009

Hi Johnson,

My tour guide is excellent. The trip is a very good combination of scenery, history and culture. I had a wondeful time and shall certainly recommend this tour to friends and relatives. Bi Qimei's English level is very good indeed and she is also good company.


Colins Mackerras   Australia  

January 4, 2009

4th January, 2009

Hi Johnson,

We enjoy our trip in Huangshan and satisfied with your service.

No doubt we will choose your travel agency if we come here again.

Best Regard,

Winson Chang   Taiwan

December 20, 2008

Hi, Johnson:
Thanks very much for arranging the tour. It's really a joyful one, thanks again.
Chiali and Mark    USA

November 19, 2008

Dear Johnson

thanks very much for making all the arrangements for our transfers, hotels and meals.

My husband and I had a good time inspite of the fact that we were not quite prepared for the steepness of the stairs going up hill on our first day. You are right, our legs were just too tired and breathing was difficult, But the beauty of Huangshan was sufficient for us to perserve on. It cannot be described in words but it was really beautiful, breath-taking and awesome. The weather was kind to us, no rain but good sunshine and windy.

Our guide Jerry was very professional and he speaks very well. He was very accomodating to our request even on the 1st day and suggested changes to our initinery according to our level of fitness which I must admit was not as good as we had thought.

He was also very good in planning our meals, the food was good overall. The 1st day at Youping Lou was not so great, food was cold. And the one at Beihai is not as good as Xihai.

Some comments on the hotel, as the heater in Beihai is centrally controlled, the room doesn't get warm till 7pm and that really killed me with coldness when we checked into the room around 5pm.

thanks again and send our regards to Jerry

Bernadette LAU    Singapore

October 27, 2008

Hi Johnson - you have been extremely responsive and helpful.

Our guide, William, was very flexible, helpful, thoughtful and fun to be with. We appreciate his being with us- it made a  difference. His English is excellent. The hotels were fine- not really four star  by international standards but no complaints.
We have traveled to a lot of places but I think the scenery at  Yellow Mountain, with good weather, is as dramatic as any I've  seen.
It would be good to let people know in advance that the hotel  provides warm jackets for the sunrise early morning hiking so that it's not  necessary to bring warm stuff up the mountain.
The only complaint I have is that you don't take credit cards. US banks charge $45 to wire money to China.> 
Thanks for your help-we'll recommend you to others
Peter Behrendt  USA

October 23, 2008

Dear Johnson,

We traveled from Nanjing with car to Huangshan in the Chinese National Holiday in October. We was warned of crowds of Chinese on the same mission as us, being on their way to watch the spectacular beauty of Huangshan and the Hongcun village. 

Indeed it was a lot of people. However I have to say that everything went smooth thanks to our excellent English speaking guide from Huangshan CITS. She funneled us through every big and small obstacle. We could not in any way have managed without. She even managed to get a taxi from the top of the mountain, thats extravagant service. A hotel was also arranged for us in the last minute in the city of Huangshan, and that's something you just can wish for in the peak season. We really enjoyed the stay, and had two relaxing days, and thats actually all we want from a good vacation.


Sondre, Norway


Sondre, Norway

August 20, 2008
Dear Johnson,                

My girlfriend Linde and I (Philip) from the Netherlands came to your local travel agency in Huangshan city in July. We would like to thank you, mister Johnson for your welcome and excellent help in fluent English. We we're so happy with all the good help and advice!

Foremost we wish to thank our excellent guide and friend mister Wang from xiaoqi village. He was always eager to help us and explain us about the beautifull sights and made lots of efforts to make sure our stay and visit to wuyuan country (likeng, xiaoqi, xidi, hongcun, wuyuan city and other villages and the trip to the Daoist mountains) was more than excellent. He was always excactly on time and made us feel very comfortable!

I hope mr. Wang is doing fine and we wish to send him our regards! Thanks to him we have many good memories of our stay!

I hope you can forward him this mail, or send me his email adress.

Hereby I also send him a photo as a souvenir.

Thank you both very much and many greetings from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Philip and Linde

20th August, 2008

December 16, 2007

Hi Johnson,

How are you?

As promised, I sent you photos i took from bamboo forest & Hongcun village. The weather that day was so dull and drizzled all day. But it created a nostalgic feel to the image. Apologize for my amateur photo skill. Thank you again for arranging the memorable trip for me, especially solving the problem on the cancelled plane.


Tem   Thailand

November 4, 2007

Hi, Johnson,

I had a great time during my recent trip to "yellow mountain". Thank you for making all arrangements. I send you a couple of the pictures I took.


Ricardo Pastor  Bolivia

November 15, 2007

Hi Johnson,

We enjoyed our Huangshan tour very much. We could not have asked for better weather and we enjoyed the spectacular sunrise and viewed the sea of clouds and other amazing scenary. Jerry was a most friendly, enthusiatic and energetic guide and was patient and helpful even when we could only walk very slowly. Many thanks for helping us with the arrangements.


Elaine Leong  Canada

October 2, 2007

Dear Johnson & David,

Well, what a great time I had in Huangshan.  The mountain was as beautiful as the pictures I had seen on your site.  I was fortunate to have good weather on two days and the sunrise was inspiring. 

My thanks for all your efforts to make my stay memorable.  I appreciated all of your help.  Give my regards to the driver you arranged.  He was most courteous and helpful.  If he has an Email I'd like to forward him some of the photos I took as he stopped along the road up to HuangShan.  The train to Suzhou was enjoyable, the train station an experience.

Should any of my friends travel your way I will highly recommend your company.


Mary Berg

Abbotsford BC  Canada

August 20, 2007


I would like to thank you again very much for organising our trip to Tibet. We really had the most amazing time, and it would not have been possible without your help. Our guide, Tsering, was excellent, thoughtful and extremely helpful. He was able to explain every aspect of the culture and countryside of Tibet and made the trip all the more interesting. While our driver didnt speak much english he was great as he drove safely on dangerous roads and was always ready to stop if we needed to. The hotels we stayed in were very nice, and the staff were lovely. If i had one critisism it would be that the food, especially the breakfasts, werent great, but i suppose this is a cultural difference! All in all our experience of everything was very positive and i would very much like to return to Tibet sometime soon to go to everest base camp! Thanks again for everything.

Best regards,

Gwen and James BILLETT   England

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