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Huangshan Package Tours

Beijing and Huangshan Tour
Beijing is the capital of China, and it was the capital of 6 dynasties throughout Chinese history. There are so many things to see here, both old and new, traditional and modern, among which the best known are Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City; the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and venues for Beijing Olympics 2008. Modern transportation makes it possible to link this great city with Mount Huangshan, the most fantastic mountain in China.

Huangshan & Panda Tour
Located in the southwest of China, Sichuan Province is mostly famous for, among other thins, Giant Pandas, a popular animal in both eastern and western culture. Thanks to the great efforts by the Chinese government in the past years, this unique and endangered animal now have found their paradise in Sichuan Province. Following this tour, you will also explore Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, both are world heritage sites by UNESCO.

Huangshan, Chengdu and Tibet Tour
This tour combines three well-known destinations across China: Mt. Huangshan, one of the most beautiful mountains in China, Chengdu, home of the Giant Panda and Tibet, the roof of the world. All these three places possess not only the picturesque scenery, but also the splendid history and unique culture. Thus never will you feel tired when trekking around these areas.

Shanghai, Hangzhou and Huangshan Tour
The impressive tour enables you to explore East China, including Shanghai, the financial center of the country and one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world; Hangzhou, a city widely referred as "paradise on the earth" with its beautiful West Lake; and Huangshan, a world natural and cultural heritage mountain encompassing stunning scenery and picturesque views.

Discovering China's Living Heritage - Exploring Huangshan and Ancient Huizhou Villages
This delightful five-day trip offers the best of eastern China's natural wonders and cultural heritage. We will explore old villages retaining much of Ming and Qing architectural wonders followed by a short hike in Huangshan, the mystical peaks immortalized by Chinese painters. We will then make an excursion to Wuyuan in northern Jiangxi province where we will explore this relatively untouristed area.

Architectural Tour of East China
We will visit small villages in South Anhui and around the lower reaches of the Yangzi River to view some of the best examples of Ming and Qing architectures preserved in their original settings and are still inhabited by local people. The unique architectural style, together with exotic and delicate wood carvings are bound to leave a deep impression on you. Remember that the Oscar-awarded movie" Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon" was filmed in one of those villages!

Nanjing & Huangshan Tour
Nanjing, a city which was once the capital of 6 China's dynasties, has it's brilliant past. In Sino-Japanese War in 1930's, however, it witnessed Nanjing Massacre, brutal atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers to the civilians which caused deaths of three hundred thousand people. As a provincial capital city of Jiangsu now, Nanjing has much to offer to tourists. Visiting Nanjing, you are roaming in a historic book.

Xiamen & Huangshan Tour
There are daily flights between Huangshan and Xiamen, a costal city in Fujian Province. Knowned in the west as Amoyr, Xiamen Xiamen has a long history as a port city, and later became a center of British trade in the 19th century. Xiamen was declared one of China's first Special Economic Zones in the early 1980's, taking advantage of the city's heritage as a trading center and the proximity to Taiwan.

Huangshan & Qiandaohu Lake Tour
Combining majestic mountain landscape, charm of the well-known Qqiandaohu lake with Hangzhou, one of the most beautiful cities in China, the trip offers our clients not only a new perspective to see China but also a chance to stay away from routine life. Furthermore, the trip enables you to explore China's typical ancient architecture and simple life style of local villagers who have lived in those old houses for centuries.

China Buddhist Tour
Mount Putuao in Zhejiang Province and Mount Jiuhua near Huangshan are two of the four most famous Buddhist mountains in China, the other two being Mount Wutai in Shanxi Province and Mount Ermei in Sichaung Province. Buddhism was introduced into China from India almost 2000 years ago. The tour will help you to better understand the history and evolvement of Buddhism in China and Chinese society at large.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tour
This unforgetable trip will bring you to China's two most famous centers of ceramics and porcelain production. China's porcelain production date back to serveral thousand years ago and has enjoyed worldwide reputation for its receptional quality, intricate pattern and becutiful decoration. Through this trip, you will not only be able to appreciate varieties of delicate procelain products, but also to see how it is made.

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