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21 Days Southwest China Minority Tour

Day 1 Arrival in Kunming (D)
Arrive in Kunming, met at airport and transferred to the 4 star hotel in downtown area.

Day 2 Kunming (B, L, D)
We drive for about one hour to visit the Stone Forest, one of China's most remarkable natural wonders located 90 km southeast of Kunming. The Stone Forest area is the home of the Sani people, a branch of the Yi ethnic tribe which is reputed for their diligence, valor, wisdom, exquisite embroidery and melodious songs and graceful dances. Covering a few hundred square kilometers, stone peaks rise abruptly from the ground in numerous layers like bamboo shoots, forests and pagodas. If you climb to the top of one of the peaks, you can behold thousands of peaks and valleys just like a marvelous vast black forest. In the late afternoon, drive back to Kunming to visit the local flower and bird market. Stay in the same star hotel.

Day 3 Kunming - Lijiang (B)
Take a morning flight from Kunming to Lijiang, meet at Lijiang airport, and transfer to visit the Lijiang Old Town, a small mountain town of stone and tile, laced with swift canals, listed as a UNESCO world heritage. Once passing the Waterwheel at the entrance of the Old Lijiang Town, we will find ourselves transported into a world of narrow cobblestone streets bordering canals of crystal clear freshly melted snow. It has kept unchanged since the Ming Dynasty (A.D.1368-1644) when the town was founded. Lijiang, possibly the best-preserved old town in China, is one of the last places in this country where we can witness and experience a historical, traditional, ancient urban culture. The tour includes the Square Market, the Mu's Family Palace which is like a little Forbidden City, and the Black Dragon Pond where is the ideal place to view the snow mountain. Stay in the 4 star hotel.

Day 4 Lijiang (B)
Drive to visit the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, take chair-lift up to the Yak's Meadow, hike in the mountain for about one hour, enjoy the breath-taking view of the main peak (5596m high), then take chair-lift down, and drive to visit the Baisha Naxi Village, including the fresco. The Baisha Fresco situated in the northern part of Lijiang. Here at the old town of Baisha, which is also translated as "white sand," you will find an assortment of over 600-year old preserved murals. What is most unique and rare about the Fresco is that there are painted figures representative of Buddhism, Lamaism and Taoism intertwined together as one. Then drive back to Lijiang, stay in the 4 star hotel.

Day 5 Lijiang - Lugu Lake (B)
Today is basically devoted to driving from Lijiang to Lugu Lake. A distance of 280 km will take us about 6 hours. En route, we stop to visit a few minority villages. Stay in the 2 star hotel near the lake.

Day 6 Lugu Lake (B)
The Lugu Lake is located 280km north Lijiang, between Yunnan and Sichuan and is known for its peculiar natural scenery and the unique matriarchal culture of the Mosuo people, that it sill upholds today. Women are the leaders of the community's extensive families. There are neither husbands nor fathers, lovers meet at night but by day they live separately with their own mother's families. Women also operate production and management, and hold the principal position in the society. This 'woman's kingdom' adds mystique to the place. Sightseeing in the lake, visit the Mosuo villages and families, take a small boat cruise on the lake to visit the island. Stay in the 2 star hotel.

Day 7 Lugu Lake - Lijiang (B)
Drive from Lugu Lake back to Lijiang, on the way, visit the Nilang Market. Stay in the 4 star hotel.

Day 8 Lijiang - Dali (B)
In the morning, we take a 3-hour drive from Lijiang to Dali (180 km). En route, visit the Xinhua Bai Village, located at the foot of Fenghuang Mountain in northwest Heqing County and it is a village of Bai People taking pastoral scenery, civil residences, folkways as well as folk-craft producing and processing as a whole. Xinhua Village was an inevitable spot on the Tea & Horse Ancient Road. The village still keeps its 500 year's history in making ethnic crafts. Almost every adult member in every family can make all sorts of wine-set, tea-set, bowls, spoons, utensils and necklaces, earrings, bracelets, articles for personal adornment and decorative items and so on with gold, silver, bronze and iron. Also visit the Wase fishing village by the Erhai Lake. Stay in the 3 star hotel beside the Three Pagodas.

Day 9 Dali (B)
After breakfast, we'll visit the Dali Old Town and the Three Pagodas. The set of three individual brick constructed pagodas are formed as a triangle and has for years been a precious treasure and main landmark in Dali. There is a pond that is located behind the three structures which you will notice a displayed mirror reflection of the unique pagodas. Next, you will visit the farm town of Xizhou Village which is mostly dominated by the Bai Minority group. The Bai minority are much in evidence at Xizhou, 18 kilometres north of Dali. Green mountains, winding creeks and fertile land make for a lyrical and carefree life. Enjoy the collection of wonderful Bai-style architecture along with the rich culture that resonates all around you. Stay in the 3 star hotel.

Day 10 Dali - Kunming (B)
In the morning, we sightsee the Cangshan Mountain by cable car and have the bird's view of the Erhai Lake from the mountain. After lunch, drive from Dali back to Kunming. En route, visit the Chuxiong Yi Nationality Museum and the Yi Nationality Ten-month Sun Calendar Plaza, a round square covering 5220.4 square meters with three stages. This titlear tells exactly how the ten-month solar calendar works. Stay in the 4 star hotel in Kunming.

Day 11 Kunming - Xinyi (B)
Today's driving will take us about 6 hours for more than 300 km from Kunming to Xinyi in Guizhou Province. On the way, we stop to visit the Colorful Sand Forest in Luliang County, Yunnan Province, which covers an area of 25 square kilometers. The colors of the sand forest change with the seasons, under changing climatic conditions and from different angles. The colors also vary according to sunlight and moonlight exposure. stay in the 3 star hotel.

Day 12 Xinyi - Huangguoshu (B)
After breakfast, we drive for 4 hours from Xinyi to Huangguoshu. Stay in the 3 star hotel. You are free in the afternoon.

Day 13 Huangguoshu - Guiyang (B)
Visit the magnificent Waterfall, the biggest one in China and the third biggest in the world, is about two hundred and thirty feet long and two hundred and sixty six feet wide. Its water rushes down to a pond named Xiniu Pond (Xiniu Tan) with thunderous roars which can be heard five kilometers away. During the flood season, the water rolls down to Xiniu Tan like ten thousand horses galloping and shakes the ground and the hill. Followed by a visit to the Dragon Palace, and the Yunshan old villages. Almost all the villagers are descendants of garrison troops of the Ming Dynasty, who have adhered to the traditions and customs that were practiced by people in Nanjing area and other places in Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi, during the Ming Dynasty. Those people have also created and maintained a typical culture that distinguishes itself from that of over 20 nearby ethnic groups. Then drive for 2 hours to Guiyang. Stay in the 4 star hotel.

Day 14 Guiyang - Kaili - Matang (B)
After breakfast, we drive for 200 km from Guiyang to Kaili (2 and half hours). In the afternoon, we'll visit the Gejia village in Matang, an ethnic minority village which is classified as a subgroup of the Miao ethnic minority. Very little is really known about the Gejia, apart from the fact that they specialize in batik, and that they, unlike the various other ethnic minorities in the region, are fond of colorful clothing. Stay in the 3 star hotel.

Day 15 Kaili - Shibin - Zhengyuan (B)
It akes us about 2 hours to drive from Kaili to Shibin in the morning (82 km). We'll spend time today visiting the Wuyanghe gorges and taking a small boat rafting down the rive. Located within Zhengyuan old town, the Wuyang River scenic resort includes the Wuayng Three Gorges, Mount Yuntai, the Tiexi Stream. Covering 400 square kilometers, this scenic spot becomes one of the major tourist sites of the state for its perfect combination with the area of the ethnic nationalities. Stay in the 2 star hotel.

Day 16 Zhenyuang - Leishan - Rongjiang (B)
Get up early, we have to drive for roughly 3 hours from Zhengyuan to Leishan via Taijiang (170 km). On the way, visit the Langde Miao Village and enjoy the Miao performance. If you really want to experience the authentic Miao ethnic cultures, go visit Langde Miao Ethnic Minority Village, about 50 kilometers north of Kaili. Afterwards, we'll continue to drive for another 3 hours to Rongjiang (130 km). (You will arrive in Rongjiang in the evening). Stay in the 1 star hotel.

Day 17 Rongjiang - Sanjiang (B)
Get up early, we drive 150 km from Rongjiang to Sanjiang via Congjiang (about 3 hours). En route, we'll stop to visit Dong villages and Drum Towers in Zhaoxing. The most famous buildings in Zhaoxing are the five drum towers, each showing its unique style and characteristics. According to the tradition of the Dong people, each individual drum tower represents one group of local people. The head of the Dong people in Zhaoxing divided the people into five groups in order to make administration easier. The five towers represent kindness, righteousness, politeness, intellect and creditworthiness. In the past they were served as a warning device against invasions (You will arrive in Sanjiang in the evening). Stay in the 1 star hotel.

Day 18 Sangjiang - Longshen (B)
Visit the Dong Nationality's Wind-Rain Bridge in Sanjiang. Located in Linxi Township of the Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, the bridge is listed as one of the three famous bridges from ancient China. Built in 1916, this semi-permanent bridge is 64.4 meters long and has stone piers and wooden girders and pavilions connected by a tile-roofed corridor. Viewed from a distance, this majestic bridge compares favorably with the Floral Bridge in Guilin. We'll then drive to Longshen, photographing the Dragon Spine Terraced Fields. Built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountain top, with the highest elevation being 885m and the lowest 380m, the terrace rice fields were first built in the Yuan Dynasty (about 800 years ago) and completed in the Qing dynasty as the crystallization of the wisdom and labor of the Zhuang people. Stay in the 1 star hotel.

Day 19 Longshen - Yangshuo (B)
Drive for less than 2 hours from Longshen to Yangshuo (89 km), an incredibly beautiful place where the landscape is dotted with karst (eroded limestone) peaks and the Li river winds its way past, heading south to join the Pearl River before the South China Sea. In the afternoon you may choose to hire a bicycle and enjoy the fantastic scenery and watch the locals as they tend the fields or shop in the market and then relax in one of many cafes soaking up the local for the local atmosphere, stay in the 3 star hotel.

Day 20 Yangshuo - Guilin (B)
We will take a 3 hours cruise along the Li River, which is considered by many as the most beautiful river in China. Cruising along, it feels as if we are meandering through and around a natural masterpiece where limestone pinnacles are sprinkled amidst terraced rice fields and picturesque villages. The scenery along this stretch of the Li River has been immortalized in numerous Chinese poems and paintings. We pass villages where we may catch glimpses of people as they go about their daily life, perhaps fishing, bathing their water buffalo, washing clothes or just swimming. When in Guilin, we'll visit the Elephant Trunk Hill. Stay in the 4 star hotel.

Day 21 Guilin - Kunming (B)
After breakfast, we drive to visit the Fubo Hill and the Diecai Hill. After lunch, take a flight from Guilin to Kunming. Met at Kunming airport and transferred to the 4 star hotel. End of our service.
more than 10 person: USD 2880/person
6-9 person: USD 3489/person
2-5 person: USD 4182/person
1 person: USD 6450
1. For child younger than 11 who share one room with parents, the quotation is only 50% of the above price.
2. Single supplement is USD600.
The Price Include:
1. English speaking guide. Using an air-conditioned minibus to transfer on land.
2. Stay in 2 standard rooms in the above hotels (or the same level accommodations).
3. When stay in 4 star hotels, you will have buffet breakfast in your hotels, when stay in other 1-2-3 star hotels, you will have Chinese breakfast.
4. English-speaking local tour guides.
5. Domestic airfare from Kunming to Lijiang.

Not Include In The Price:
1. All lunches and dinners.

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