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West Treasure Exploration

Day 1 Xi'an
Arrive in Xi'an. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the local guide and transferred to four-star Aurum International Hotel.

Day 2 Xi'an (B, L, D)
Buffet breakfast at hotel, then you'll set out to visit Shaanxi Historical Museum and Ancient City Wall, the most complete city wall that has survived in China as well being one of the largest ancient military defensive systems in the world. It was enlarged in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) from the city wall initially built in Tang Dynasty (618 -907). Now it is 12 meters tall, 12-14 meters wide and 14 kilometers in length with a deep moat surrounding it. You can walk, even cycle on the wall. A nice Chinese buffet lunch at the Tang Dynasty Palace.

In the afternoon, you drive for one hour to Lingtong County to visit the world famous Terracotta Warriors and Horses with circle movie showed before visiting the pits and the Banpo Neolithic Village. The original site of Terracotta Warriors was found by a local farmer digging a well in 1974. Now it has turned into the most important attraction in Xi'an - Terracotta Warriors and Horse Museum. It is located about 50km east of the Xi'an City. The museum includes Pit 1, Pit 2 and Pit 3 as well the exhibition hall of the chariots and horses. The Pit 1 is the largest of the three. You'll take the Tang Dynasty Dinner Show, one of the best shows in China, in the evening. 

Day 3 Xi'an - Urumqi (B, D)
Transfer to the airport for your flight to Urumqi, widely known as "beautiful pasture" and also a major industrial center and the capital of Xinjiang Uygar Autonomous Region. Xinjiang is a large (comparable in size to Iran), sparsely populated area. There, you will not only observe Islamic culture of Uygar people and daily lifestyle of many other ethnic groups but also vast natural scenery and the Gobi Desert. Check into the Xinjiang Grand Hotel. Continue to visit the Nanshan Pasture to experience the lifestyle of the minorities in Xinjiang. Enjoy the typical local flavor for dinner.

Day 4 Urumqi (B, L)
The highlight of our visit to Urumqi is an excursion to Heavenly Lake. Only one hour and a half drive from the city, it lies on snow-capped Mount Bogda at almost 2000 meters above sea level. The sapphire-blue lake is set in deep slope of pine forests and meadows of wild flowers where Kazak nomads camp. The views from the cruise boat are breathtaking. Thereafter, you will explore the nomadic Khazak community and witness the lifestyle of people who call this place home. In the afternoon, you will visit the International Grand Bazaar, which has a Middle-Eastern feel and is a highly frequented local hotspot for shopping at a bargain price.

Day 5 Urumqi - Turpan (B, L)
Prior to your next visit to the city of Turpan, you will spend your last hours in Urumqi by touring the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum. The museum is worth a visit as the place hold interesting and rare visual exhibits highlighting the lifestyle of the minority groups of Xinjiang. Marvel at the exhibits and the local arts of the city. Then you will have a bus ride to Turpan, also known as Oasis in the Gobi Desert. You will be brought to the Jiaohe Ruins where the remains of ancient Chinese ruins are found along with ancient monastery and a palace. The Jiaohe Ruins is also a marked historical highlight recorded in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Turpan, prevalent of grape orchards and fields of grains is considered the hottest place in China and has a record of having more than 100 summer days annually. The scorching weather tends to be beneficial for the growth of most of the city's fruits widely known as the "Hometown of Grapes" and an important producer of tasteful wine. In the evening you will be invited to see an exotic Uygar singing and dancing show. Check into the local best Hotel Tuha Petroleum.

Day 6 Turpan - Dunhuang (B, L)
Today's excursion entails a full day of visits to several main attractions. In the morning you will visit the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves located in the legendary Flaming Mountain, where Monkey King was badly burned when he tried to extinguish the flame by using a false fan borrowed from Fan Princess. On the premises, there are 77 artificial caves and inside each cave is a mural of the Buddha painted on the ceiling along with hundreds of Buddhist sculptures and figures protected over hundreds of years. Thereafter, you'll visit the western front of the Flaming Mountain, where the Grape Valley lies. There are acres upon acres of sweet and delectable grapes that exist here. Next, awaits the Karez Underground Irrigation Channels, a 2,000-year-old system that its main function is to deliver water from nearby snow-capped mountains to Turpan and its agricultural fields. You will also see the Emin Minaret, one of the finest buildings on the Silk Road. Board the overnight train to Dunhuang. Over night on the train.

Day 7 Dunhuang (B, L)
Upon arrival, you will tour the Crescent Moon Lake in the Singing Sands Dunes. From a distance, make sure to keep your ears peeled for the whistling tunes among the sand dunes. The sounds are created by the winds cascading in a downward direction of the sand dunes at a low frequency mostly during dry and hot weather conditions. If you are feeling adventurous, take up on an optional camel ride. An entertaining Cultural Performance awaits you in the evening. Stay at the local best Dunhuang Hotel this evening.

Day 8 Dunhuang - Xi'an (B, D)
You will visit the most famous monument of Dunhuang - the Mogao Caves, also widely referred as "Thousand Buddha Caves". An art gallery in the desert, the walls of the caves are lined with Buddhist frescoes and sculpted figures, is said to be the finest examples of Buddhist art in the world. Mixing Indian and Chinese styles, they are a remarkable record of Silk Road civilization. The attractive cave that swarms of tourists contains the most impressive and well-preserved examples of ancient Buddhist cave art aging over 1,00 years. The treasure house contains hundreds of sandstone caves holding more than 2,000 statues and 45,000 brilliantly bright paintings of Buddha and Chinese mythological figures. You will have delicious local flavor for today's lunch. Transfer to the airport and fly to Xi'an. Upon arrival, met and transferred to the Aurum International Hotel. Enjoy a good rest tonight. Typical local flavor will be arranged for the dinner.

Day 9 Xi'an - Departure (B)
Transfer to the airport for your flight to the next destination. The whole tour ends with a memorable experience.

Prices of this tour

Off Season Shoulder Season Peak Season
Off Season Quotations Single Supplements
10 Person or up USD 1,512/Person USD 180/Person
6-9 Person  USD 1,595/Person USD 265/Person
2-5 Person  USD 1,837/Person USD 265/Person

Shoulder Season Quotations Single Supplements
10 Person or up USD 1,579/Person USD 240/Person
6-9 Person  USD 1,660/Person USD 325/Person
2-5 Person  USD 1,902/Person USD 325/Person

Peak Season Quotations Single Supplements
10 Person or up USD 1,590/Person USD 250/Person
6-9 Person  USD 1,672/Person USD 335/Person
2-5 Person USD 1,913/Person USD 335/Person

1. Seasonality
Off-season: January 1- March 14, 2010, November 16, 2010-March 14, 2011
Shoulder season: June, July, August
Peak season: March 15-31, 2010, April, May, September, October, November 1-15, 2010
2. Above prices are not valid during Spring Festival and National Holiday (1-7 October). Please contact us if your equerries fall into the above periods.

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