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Hongze Lake Travel Guide
Hongze Lake is a famous one of the five major freshwater lakes. It is like an artful swans gazing at the sky thousands of miles. Hongze Lake, located in the Huaihe River, northern Jiangsu plain, Messina waves Huaihe River, the East vent the Yangtze River, the Yellow Sea. The water level at 12.5 meters, the lake area is about 300 hectares, is the second largest freshwater lake in Jiangsu Province. Winding shoreline, full-length of 365 kilometers. Jiangsu Province is surrounded by Huaiyin, Kiyoura, Ze, Xuyi, siyang counties, are under the jurisdiction of Huaiyin City.   Map of Hongze Lake

According to historical records, as far away as 200 million years ago, Hongze is part of the Yellow Sea and the Gulf. As the stream of Okawa the impact of the Gulf back into the interior, leaving a lot of lakes and reservoirs. AD 616, with the Yang Di boat "roaming luck" Jiangdu, all the way drought, through broken ax pond at a time when heavy rain, on a whim, they quickly renamed as the Hong-Ze Pu Tong-breaking. Ze Pu Tang Dynasty is already a Ze Park, Suiyou renamed Hongze Lake.

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